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Friday, March 6, 2009

Fishing for Free VST effects

Blockfish - Free VST Compressor

The BLOCKFISH compressor is a dynamics compressor capable of a compact and dense sound (hence the name). But unlike a lot of digital compressors, it does not 'squash' your signal that much.
The focus was to keep your music alive and let it breathe. It comes with a typical 'vca' circuit providing modern compression - best for drums and guitars - and a classical 'opto' unit that recreates the sound of old photo-electrical gain devices and has been optimised for vocal tracks. The basic parameters are easily set up but you have access to futher adjustments that can turn BLOCKFISH into a real 'killer' device.

Floorfish - Free VST Expander / noise gate

FLOORFISH is a classical gate/expander unit that was originally designed to make acoustic drum recording much cleaner. Especially seperately miked snares and toms often unveil a large amount of 'bleeding noise' if you compress them. The FLOORFISH can help to lower this noise floor. Unlike a typical 'noise gate', the signal is not cut off completely if you do not want it to.

Spitfish - Free VST De-esser.
SPITFISH serves as an easy-to-use de-esser. If you ever had problems with loud sibilants and s-like vocals, this device can help to make those nasty sounds much smoother. You can also apply it to other signals that might need some evening out within the upper frequency range, e.g. cymbals and crashes.
The whole character has been tuned to 'nice' and 'gentle'. It should be almost impossible to make your recordings sound unnatural within the normal operational range.

Download them all in one go!

Fish VST (win)
Fish VST (mac OS 9)
Fish VST (mac OS X)

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