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Saturday, February 21, 2009


What can i say...

i use these for almost every single beat i make. Toss some eq on these and this is the best drum library you've ever downloaded

if you don't already have these... you'd better get downloading the goodies.

(my first upload) ENJOY

(Karma Appreciated)


Total Spanish Guitar Loops (Bonus) - WAV

Total Spanish Guitar Loops (Bonus) - WAV

Spanish Guitar Pullz n Riffz......................

Cali Rumba Extra Variations
Fuego Extra Variations
Homeless Loops
Lead Extra Variations
LoopDeDo Extra Variations
Just what you need to add a little Latin Flavor
(44.1khz 16bit stereo wav)

PERSIAN DRUMS................. LIKE TIMALAND!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009



In this video, James Tuttle will show you how EQs, compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, amp simulators, automation, and mastering plugins are all used to craft a mix that has clarity, depth, punch, pop, and sizzle.

You'll get to see how and when each are introduced and how the entire mix is adjusted continuously as more and more elements are added.

You'll begin to see how professional mixers "see" and "hear" a mix as a whole rather than as disparate techniques.

* 36 Videos
* Learn how to mix like the pros
* Over 3 hours of content!
* Original raw audio files included so you can mix the song on your DAW!
* James Tuttle uses Pro Tools in this video but all the tools learned can be applied to any music software
* Interviews and extra commentary on mixing included!
* Wet/Dry Comparison Section
* Explanation of plugins used in mix
* Easy to use interface
* DVD-Rom, DVD (NTSC) and DVD (PAL) all in one package!

Mixing with the Pros Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Setting up Your DAW
3. Drums 1
4. Drums 2
5. Bass
6. Adjusting Drums
7. Electric Guitars - example video
8. Acoustic/Wah Guitars
9. Keys - example video
10. Adjusting the Guitars
11. Vocals 1
12. Vocals 2 - example video
13. Sound Replacer
14. Adding Effects to the Vocals
15. Editing the Arrangement
16. Adjusting and Adding Reverb
17. Automation 1
18. Automation 2
19. Automation 3
20. Master Effects
21. Reference Bounce
22. Tweaking the Mix 1
23. Tweaking the Mix 2
24. Final Bounce
25. Drums Comparison
26. Bass Comparison
27. Electric Guitar Comparison
28. Acoustic Guitar Comparison
29. Keys Comparison
30. Vocals Comparison
31. Master Fader Comparison - example video
32. Compression Plugins 1
33. Compression Plugins 2
34. Filter/EQ Plugins
35. FX Plugins
36. Master Plugins

System Compatibility:
This product includes QuickTime 7.x Mac/PC which is required for video playback. DVD-Rom drive required for DVD-Rom and DVD player required for DVD-NTSC and DVD-PAL. Minimum screen resolution for DVD-Rom: 1024 x 768.
PC: Windows XP Home or Professional, Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 800 MHz or faster, 256 MB RAM. Windows MME or DirectSound Sound Card.
MAC: Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or higher, Power Mac G4 867 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Sound Card.

download info:

Production Mixing Mastering with Waves

Production Mixing Mastering with Waves

Master the signal process techniques and learn the tricks for professional production in contemporary musical styles, including: R&B, Rock, Country, Alternative and Urban. This book offers a complete interactive training course featuring a 7 CD set of session files for use on Mac or PC with these popular applications: Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Cubase, Nuendo, and Sonar.

Music Engineering

Music Engineering

Music Engineering is a hands-on guide to the practical aspects of electric and electronic music. It is both a compelling read and an essential reference guide for anyone using, choosing, designing or studying the technology of modern music. The technology and underpinning science are introduced through the real life demands of playing and recording, and illustrated with references to well known classic recordings to show how a particular effect is obtained thanks to the ingenuity of the engineer as well as the musician.

Studio Recording Procedures

Studio Recording Procedures

The prices of recording equipment continue to drop dramatically, giving musicians and sound engineers increasing opportunities to make quality-level recordings. The Ultimate Guide to Music Recording takes a unique approach to this growing market, giving readers two books in one: a concise, tutorial audio engineering text in Part One, and then a ‘cut to the chase’, how to record any instrument fast guide in Part Two. By carefully cross-referencing these sections, industry vet Shea has created the ultimate recording resource: a textbook where you can see immediately how basic principles are utilized in the studio, and a “how-to” guide that comes complete with all the background technical material one could need – particularly when things don’t turn out as planned. Covering the basics of studio recording technology, recording techniques for every major class of instrument, and a masterclass on mixing, this is the most complete guide to music recording ever written.

Pro Engineer School (vol.1 + vol.2)

Pro Engineer School (vol.1 + vol.2)
Bedroom studio enthusiasts endlessly scan the magazines for the latest and newest in technology. Do you know what? - professionals use tried and tested equipment because they know how to get the best out of it with maximum creativity.

And not only will you learn the pro essentials of the equipment, you will learn Sound Engineering jargon - sorry, terminology - too. You will learn how to talk Pro Audio to Audio Pros. And they will recognize you as a fellow professional.

Pro Engineer School Vol. 2 takes your knowledge further. The two chapters on mixing consoles don't start with itsy-bitsy little consoles, they start right up there with the mighty SSL SL9000 J-Series console - possibly the most widely respected mixing console there is. Pro Engineering School Vol. 2 will show you your way around the console, tell you what every channel control does, tell you about its four modes of operation, and more.

And then there are the outboard units and effects. Which control on a compressor is the most powerful? It's probably the one you would least expect. When a pro engineer wants to patch in a digital reverb unit, which one does he choose (95% of the time)? Did you know that the noise gate is probably the most creative device in the rack? (If you know how to use it creatively).

And when you get that all-important recording job interview, be prepared for questions about the future of audio. How does audio fit in with DVD-Video, for example? And what about MP3 and the Internet? Your potential future employer will want to know that you are geared up for the audio of tomorrow.

Pro Engineer School vol.1.pdf
3. Microphone Technology
19. The Use of Microphones
35. Loudspeaker Drive Units
42. Loudspeaker Systems
51. Analog Recording
64. Digital Audio
75. Digital Audio Tape Recording
86. Appendix 1 – Sound System Parameters

Pro Engineer School vol.2.pdf
3. Mixing Consoles (1)
19. Mixing Consoles (2)
29. EQ
41. Compression
58. Noise Gates
67. Delay and Reverberation
75. Disk Recording
94. CD and DVD-Video
111. Perceptual Coding


Big Fish Audio is proud to present this collection of original South American music. These kits are a taste of the musical culture of various regions of South America. Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Chile are some of the countries represented here. These construction kits include instruments such as chekere, cajon, piano, congas, drums, bass, guitar, bandoneon, charango, sikus and more. Over 400 megabytes of material are included in WAV, REX, and Apple Loop formats as well as our included RMX installer for quick access to theses loops in Stylus RMX. Feel the rhythm and passion of South American culture in these traditional loops.

ProSamples Collection

ProSamples Collection RE-UP

includes hundreds of loops from sample libraries that have already received 28 international awards.
This is a collection of a few of them including:
PS-03 Drum & Bass/PS-07 Future Beats/PS-09 Future Beats 2/PS-12 Dance Vocals/PS-14 World Grooves/PS-15 Dance Drums/PS-21 Drum & Bass 2/PS-23 Trip Hop/PS-24 Breakbeat/PS-25 Pop & Funk Brass/PS-26 Nu RnB & Hip Hop/PS-27 Dancefloor Bass/PS-28 Vocal House/PS-29 Dance Drumloops


This is for my fellow musicians. I hope it helps.
All samples are in .wav format...

PS-03 Drum & Bass
For this ProSamples disc, we have put together an essential collection of Drum n Bass grooves, laid out in construction kit format. You get the loop, and then the various parts of the loop broken down. Loops range from 160 BPM- 171 BPM. You also get an awesome selection of drum hits, including kick drums, snare drums and Hi Hats!!

PS-07 Future Beats
Zero-G bring you Loops with masses of attitude to kick start your imagination, Huge drum sounds & FX, thunderous basses, cutting edge synth & guitar FX, mad percussion loops. Years of playing, programming & engineering expertise at your fingertips.

PS-09 Future Beats 2
A stunningly innovative sound library from Zero-G which utilises raw and organic sources to create rhythms and soundscapes which will appeal to everyone looking for a creative edge. All this material is 100% original, gathered from sources like theme parks, factories and industrial sites - made specially for the kind of samplist who hungers for inspiration to take their music into the 21st century!

PS-12 Dance Vocals
This massive collection of quality vocal samples from Best Service brings you a vast array of Vocal hooks, vocal percussions, shouts, atmospheric intro and break vocal lines. There are also Harmonic choir multisamples for dance and pop production, male and female shouts, lines and hooks, and computer voices, psychedelic vocals, vocal scratches, laughter, bubbles, screams, and ambient hooks. All sounds were produced by professional artists and live performers. The library also includes mouth percussion for hip-hop and other styles. All samples are provided license free as usual. This collection is a superb vocal resource for dance, movies and jingles. It’s a truly monster production offering great variety of samples, and includes a comprehensive selection of vocals for film and commercial production.

PS-14 World Grooves
This remarkable collection from Best Service features a wealth of traditional Latin American styles for traditional as well as pop music producers. The collection includes authentic brass sections (licks, riffs and shots), guitar licks and drum and percussion grooves. This ProSamples version of the Best Service Festa Latina library includes salsa, samba, merengue and murga. Loops come in one or two bars, at different pitches, 120 bpm.

PS-15 Dance Drums
Drum samples, kicks and snares, claps and snaps, crash and ride cymbals as well as a wide range of percussion samples. Pro Samples Dance Drums from Best Service includes both real and digital drums, and drum machines. REVIEWS: "If you need drum samples (and chances are you do), then Dance Mega Drums could be exactly what you're looking for. It features nothing but single-hit percussion samples, making it one of the largest libraries of drum sounds around. We've never seen quite so many drums all in one place before. A worthwhile investment. 90% PLATINUM AWARD” (Future Music, UK) "If you are looking for a collection of very authentic, single-hit dance drum samples, Dance Mega Drums 2 will be the release for you. The sound quality throughout this release is very good and most of the sounds are presented well, with just the right amounts of compression and other processing” (Sound On Sound, UK).

PS-21 Drum & Bass 2
Everything you need for serious Drum & Bass Production. Breakbeats, transformations, sub basses, real bass, percussion, instruments, vocals, FX and so much more, tempo matched and edited to perfection!

PS-23 Trip Hop
Bristol has long been associated with innovation in music - Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Goldie & Roni Size. From Trip Hop to Drum & Bass, Twisted City from Zero-G is the definitive sample collection from the Bristol Massive! Huge Loops compressed and squeezed, dirt basses, trem guitars, small string sections and vinyl noise all add to the atmosphere!

PS-24 Breakbeat
A new generation of 'Raw-funkin-dirtyass-boogiebeats' from Zero-G - original loops that mix old school with new sonic science. Drums recorded through vintage analogue & valve gear, then digitised, sliced, tweaked & freaked.

PS-25 Pop & Funk Brass
Zero-Gs world-class horn library features the dynamic and much admired sounds of the UKs most respected horn section - The Phantom Horns (including John Thirkell and Gary Barnacle)

PS-26 Nu RnB & Hip Hop
Representing a unique variety of new RnB Hiphop styles. A Double Action CD from Best Service, packed with a whole bunch of flippn nu stuff from da East Coast. Twistin' construction kits, supablastin' beats, for all ya people out dere who dig da flava of Missy & Busta ...Dis one's a killa! Features complete extended song arrangements and backings lasting up to more than a minute for professional needs. Â Also excellently suited for commercial and film music.

PS-27 Dancefloor Bass
This very comprehensive bass sample compilation from Best Service contains bass notes, single bass hits, multisampled basses and quick licks. On this title you will find all the Most Wanted analog synthesizer bass sounds and FM synth bass samples, including sounds from the Moog, Arp, Sequential Circuits, Roland 101, Roland 202, Roland 303, Oberheim, and Yamaha synthesizers. You will also find a wide range of real, electric basses, acoustic basses, fretless basses, bass licks and slap bass samples. All the samples on Dancefloor Bass are "ready to play" and are conveniently arranged into programs or presets. This superb collection will provide a bass for every occasion!

PS-28 Vocal House
Powered by Mousse T, a collection from Best Service that will really blow your mind. Drum & percussion loops & hits, vocals, guitar, Rhodes, organ and piano licks, FX-vocal-loops, basses, vibes, hits, soundeffects, single-instruments. Tested on the dance floor. Caution! Horny Samples!

PS-29 Dance Drumloops
House, jungle, disco hip-hop, drum´n bass loops from Best Service. All the danceloops in this massive collection are tuned accurately in beats per minute and arranged in tempo groups ranging from 80bpm right up to 140 bpm.

password: beatz


iDrum turns your computer into a powerful, simple-to-use virtual drum machine. Build patterns with iDrum's lightning-fast step sequencer, using included kits or your own samples. From ambient downtempo to bangin' hip hop to frenetic drum & bass, iDrum's got you covered.


* iDrum can have any number of channels.
* Load any AIFF or WAV file smaller than 2MB.
* Quickly scroll through the samples in a folder while iDrum plays them back.
* Quickly jump to any sample in a folder.
* Drag and drop samples into iDrum's window to create new channels.
* 'Part Presets' - save channel parts as .cpart files.
* Full sync when running within Logic and Garageband.
* Bounce to AIFF -- you can save the current pattern as an AIFF... you also have the option to have iDrum bounce *each channel* to a separate AIFF in one go.
* Save as MIDI -- You can export part data as a single MIDI file for more advanced editing in Logic or GarageBand and disengage iDrum's 'slave to host' option to use it as a sample playback instrument. (You can also optionally export in GB-friendly AppleLoops wrapped MIDI).
* Sample-Accurate clock when bouncing as AIFF or running in Standalone.
* iDrum files - iDrum saves its state in a file with the .idrum extension -- it can optionally store all the samples that are part of the current kit for portability. In addition, it stores all the part and pattern data as well -- making an idrum file a kind of insane loop file, with all the original one shots, plus pattern data.
* Skins - iDrum is fully skinnable via .skin files.
* Supachunky Swing.

Download Info:

password = morz@magesy


Sonic Reality Rex Pak Nashville Pop Grooves REX2-DYNAMiCS

Sonic Reality Rex Pak Nashville Pop Grooves REX2-DYNAMiCS

This Style Pak offers a range of acoustic drum grooves spanning the styles of Country, Folk, Rock, Pop and more, all in one inspiring loop collection.

Including drum and percussion rhythms, this library is a fantastic source for songwriting in many current popular music styles. When you are looking for that organic Nashville presence and sound, this loop collection delivers top quality grooves with a professional touch! Nashville Pop Grooves features over 600 drum and percussion grooves (each in Rex, Apple Loops and Acidized Wave formats) for flexibility and ease of use!


360 loops, grooves and construction kits
40 fills and variants
130 percussion loops
Tempos: 50-152 bpm



House, jungle, disco hip-hop, drum´n bass loops from Best Service

House, jungle, disco hip-hop, drum´n bass loops from Best Service. All the danceloops in this massive collection are tuned accurately in beats per minute and arranged in tempo groups ranging from 80bpm right up to 140 bpm.

WAV format only

Rapidshare links:


Password: magesy

XX-Large Extreme 2

XX-Large Extreme 2 (Best Service) The sequel to the world's greatest drum loop collection. XX-Large Extreme 2 contains 1650 brand new drum loops from 80-170 bpm. Every style is included in this brilliant collection. All of the loops are exactly tuned and sorted into bpm groups.

AIFF Format Only

Rapidshare links:

Password: magesy

Peter Erskine - Living Drums [wav format] (MAGESY)

Peter Erskine - Living Drums [wav format]
7-layer acoustic drumkits for rock and jazz, additional samples, jazz drumloops 110-310BPM, rock/funk drumloops 116-124BPM. Bass&drums grooves.
One of the most amazing drummers in music today! Killer recordings of drum hits and loops played and selected by peter from his collection of world class kits, compiled on this definitive collection, guaranteed to make your tracks come alive. Actual swinging 4/4 time! Odd-meter loops, brazilian and caribbean beats, jazz, pop & r&b loops, transitions & endings, fills, loops, ballad and brush performances, multi-sampled drum kits w/textural, dynamic and timbral variations, blastix/rute, mallets, head/rim hits, multiple dynamics, right & left stickings. 'all in all, this is one of the best drum sampling cds we've auditioned. From the sounds to the grooves to the packaging, living drums is nothing but first-class...' 5 out of 5 - keyboard

Format: .wav, 44100Hz, 16bit
Size: 206MB
Download Demo Track(15MB): HERE



Loopmasters Jazz World

Loopmasters Jazz World

Superbly recorded, engineered and played, Jazz/World is a consumate production from Harvey Summers at Swine Studios.
Sublime playing by some of the best session musicians and African master drummers has led to a truly original concept sample Cd that will blend seamlessly into your productions.
The CD includes live played saxophones, flute samples, double bass samples and multis, jazzy keys, synths and a superb range of jazz drum kits, hits, multis and exhaustive percussion loops and samples.

Never since 'On the Jazz tip' has there been such an influential collection of jazz and world influenced sample inspiration to merge into your productions and to breathe new life into your tracks. All Jazz and World samples were recorded using a combination of vintage valve equipment alongside cutting edge digital technology to give you the best feel and quality.

If you enjoy the sounds of Buena Vista social Club, the broken beat scene and the likes of Giles Peterson or even a more pure form of Jazz/World music, then you should check this CD out today!

Tech Specs: 526 Stereo Wav files/ 359 Rex 2 loops/ 5 NNXt patches Real instrument loops, saxophone , sections, flute, piano, guitars, double bass multi and loops. Real drum kits, bursting with flavour to hit your speakers.

Sonic Reality Rex Pak Latin Brazilian Grooves REX2-DYNAMiCS

Sonic Reality Rex Pak Latin Brazilian Grooves REX2-DYNAMiCS

This Style Pak offers a range of drum and percussion loops with authentic latin flavor in the styles of Samba, Baion, Batucada, Parlito, Pop, Funk, Bossa, Marcha and more. From individual and combined percussion such as congas, bongos, shakers, handbells, guiros, clave, maracas and more to full drum kit grooves this collection can add spice to any music production. Features close to 600 drum and percussion grooves (each in Rex, Apple Loops and Acidized Wave formats) for flexibility and ease of use!


Over 350 authentic Drum/Percussion Kit grooves
Loops at various tempos: 76, 96, 108, 116, 120, 138, 142 and 152 bpm
Over 250 percussion loops Includes styles: Samba, Baion, Batucada, Parlito, Brazilian Pop, Samba Funk, Bossa, Marcha
Full kits plus percussion elements for any style
Material compiled from Q Up Arts classic “Latin Groove” series available for the first time at a fraction of its original price



Lion Audio 1000 Drum Hits WAV SCD - AMPLiFYiSO (MAGESY)

Lion Audio 1000 Drum Hits WAV SCD - AMPLiFYiSO

This pack has been compiled to bring the utmost quality,
and only the most usable best samples have been included.
"Over 1,000 Individually mastered Drum Hits used by
Professional Producers all over the World" 242 Bass Kicks, 403 Snares, 224 Hi-Hats, Percussion, & hundreds of Cymbals, Claps, Specials, Exclusive Hits and many more!

DownLoaD LinK:

MirroR Uploaded.To:

Pass: alex@magesy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


RSO Vocal Magic Pro VST (amplify) ...

103 eBooks On Music Production

103 eBooks on Music Production

103 eBooks On Music Production

Contains PDF, TXT & HTM files

15 Reverb Tips From PDF
20 Tips On Audio Recording With Computer Sequencers TXT
20 Tips On Creating Realistic Sequenced Drum Parts TXT
20 Tips On Mastering By Paul White HTM
23 Compression Tips From PDF
A List Of FX And Filters And What They Do From Namn PDF
Advanced Compression Techniques By Paul White HTM
Advanced Reverb By Paul White HTM
An Introduction to Mastering By Stephen J. Baldassarre HTM
CD Mastering On Your PC Tools & Techniques By Martin Walker
Complete Guide to Drum Programming By Ray F Badness PDF
Compression & Dynamics Processing Notes From
Compression In Audio Recordings from The Audio Pages HTM
Compression Tips & Tricks From Hutch's Hints at HT
Compressor Secrets By David Mellor TXT
Craig Anderton`s 10 Tips For Guitar MultiEffects HTM
Craig Anderton`s Putting Your Effects In Order HTM
Cubase Group Channels By Star HTM
Cubase Tips - Arrange To Perfection From PDF
Cubase Tips - Tooled Up From PDF
Effective Drum Programming By Nicholas Rowland HTM
EQ By The Octave By Robert Dennis HTM
EQ Explained By David Mellor HTM
EQ Masterclass From PDF
EQ Tips from The Recording Website HTM
Equalisation Tips By Paul White HTM
Gating Drums By Stacey T. Heydon TXT
Getting More Bass In Your Mix By Paul White HTM
Giving Your Recordings A Produced Sound By Paul White TXT
Guide To Gating From PDF
Guitar Miking - Musician's Friend Article HTM
Rane Professional Audio Reference PDF
Reccomended Equalisation Frequencies By Robert Dennis HTM
Recording In One Room By Hugh Robjohns HTM
Recording Techniques By Robert Dennis HTM
Recording Vocals From PDF
Reverb Basics By Hugh Robjohns HTM
Reverb For Beginners - No Author DOC
Roland - Beginners Guide To Mixing PDF
Roland Drum Machine Rhythm Dictionary PDF
Run Your Own Record Label From PDF
Sample CD Copyrights From PDF
Soundcard Recording FAQ's Answered By Martin Walker TXT
Studio Miking By Lyle Caldwell HTM
Studio Sessions Part 1 - Delays From PDF
Studio Sessions Part 2 - Reverb From PDF
Synth Programming Guide By PDF
Tascam - Optimizing W2k + XP For Audio PDF
The Art Of EQ By Aaron Trumm PDF
The Art Of Equalisation By Ethan Winer HTM
The Basics Of Quantising By Martin Walker TXT
The Big Squeeze - Compressors And How To Use Them By Paul Wh
The Complete Idiots Guide To Songwriting - Joel Hirschhorn P
The Design of an Audio Frequency Vacuum Tube Amplifier - The
The In's & Out's Of Gain Structure By Martin Walker HTM
The Mysteries Of Metering By Paul White HTM
The Perfect Mix By Rich TXT
The Real Vocal Book PDF
The Shure Microphone Techniques For Music Sound Reinforcemen
The World Of PC Recording By Dave Casey Of TASCAM PDF
TSC Tech Talk - EQ Tips By Devin DeVore HTM
Ultimate Midi Guide From PDF
Using Compression In Audio Recordings From The Audio Pages H
Using EQ - More EQ Tips By Paul White & Mike Senior HTM
Various Sampling Theory PDF's
What The Hell Is Mixing By Nigel Lord TXT
Wizoo Cubase Sx Mixing And Mastering Sample Chapter PDF
XP Audio PC Tweaks By PC Audiolabs HTM
Audio CD Mastering by Audiographics Unlimited & John Scrip H
Berklee College - Course On Arranging PDF
Berklee College - Music Production & Engineering - PDF
Cubase SX 2 Project E-Book + Tutorial Files & SX2 Tips & Tri
Cubase SX PDF's
How to Achieve Depth & Dimension in Recording, Mixing and Ma
How To Get Great Bottom End In Your Mix By Michael Cooper HT
How To Improve Your Stereo Mixing By Paul White HTM
How To Mix A Pop Song From Scratch By Jezar - Ver 2.0 PDF
How To Set Up A Good Mix By Duke Ashton HTM
Increasing Loudness In Dance Music Production By Paul White
Integrating Mixing & Signal Processing By Craig Anderton HTM
Killer Drums By Michael Laskow TXT
KLF - The Manual - How To Have A Number 1 The Easy Way PDF
Make The Most Of Microphones From PDF
Mic Placement on Drums From The SAE College Germany PDF
Microphones - Methods Of Operation & Type Examples By Gerhar
Miking Drums By Staff Members of Midi Warehouse HTM
Miking Jazz Drums By Gary Baldassari PDF
Miking Live Drums By Gordy Gale HTM
Miking Techniques By Barry Rudolph PDF
Mixing Programmed & Real Instruments Successfully By Sam Ing
More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Phasers by Fred Ridd
Native Instruments Sampling & Re-Synthesis PDF
Paul White Recording Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar
Phase Relationships By Ken Lanyon HTM
Practical Studio Soundproofing By Paul White HTM
Programming Analogue Synths An Access Virus Tutorial By Howa
Pros Guide To Compression From PDF
Cubase SX Power! By Robert Guerin PDF
Home Recording Made Easy By Paul White PDF
Introduction to Digital Audio Signal Processing By Davide Ro
Pro Enginner School Vol. 1 + 2 By PDF
Quick Guide To Dance Music By Ian Waugh PDF

.....RE-UP..... once again!!! ....and again lol

Waves Diamond Bundle v5.2 H2O

----- VST/DirectX/RTAS/ Plugin: Waves Diamond Bundle v5.2. - TEAM H2O -----

The most complete line of audio processors ever offered. Includes the
renowned Gold and Masters processor bundles plus four Renaissance
processors for a total of 27 awesome tools.

A package including next packages: Waves Platinum, Restoration & Transform.

* 35 processors for total creativity and processing tour-de-force under one hood
* Tools for EVERY application: tracking, mixing, mastering, sound design, audio restoration, creative
* Choice of processing style: transparent, surgical, analog, vintage - every processing flavor you can wish for
* Cost Effective: Pay less than Platinum + Restoration + Transform ; Have all the tools you need exactly when you need them.
* Years of Research & Design excellence: doesn't your audio deserve the best?
* WaveShell: means support for all popular plug-in formats and audio editors - TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, DirectX, MAS, Audio Units.

Included PlugIns:

L3 Ultramaximizer™

C4 Multiband Parametric Processor

L2 Ultramaximizer Doppler

UltraPitch L1 Ultramaximizer

Maxx Bass

Linear Phase Multiband

Linear Phase Equalizer


True Verb Room Emulator

Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer

S1 Stereo Imager

Renaissance Channel

Renaissance Equalizer

Renaissance DeEsser

C1 Parametric Compander

Audio Track

PS22 Stereo Maker (TDM only)

Renaissance Compressor

Renaissance Reverberator

PsychoAcoustic Analyzer

Renaissance Bass



Super Tap


Renaissance Vox

Waves Diamond Bundle v5.2 H2O

korg legacy (Pc Only)

korg legacy (Pc Only)
Perennially popular and hard to find in their hardware formats, these legendary synths are now resurrected for use in your computer as state-of-the-art software synthesizers. Our CMT electronic circuit modeling technology delivers stunningly accurate reproductions of the analog MS-20 and Polysix, and the groundbreaking Legacy Cell combination structure produces beefy and complex new timbres that far surpass the original models. The WAVESTATION is brought into the modern age, answering the requests of thousands of fans of that much beloved instrument.

Essential Clubsounds

Vengeance Essential Clubsounds - Volume 3 <<<<<
more than 2500 new state of the art sounds for modern clubmusic.

no pass

no pass

no pass
Once you have downloaded all files extract them all together.


COMPADRE is the result of more than one year of research, development, and countless hours of listening tests. The final product is a quality compressor that not only delivers a highly optimized sonic behavior, but also drips with character.
COMPADRE is designed specifically for use on beats, drum loops, and
other percussive material, and it does this with attitude and flexibility. Use it for subtle enhancements or heavy duty compression. While COMPADRE has been designed with drums in mind, it’s range of flexibility allows it to deliver good performances on most types of tracks and mixes as well.

• Feed forward RMS compressor with high quality characteristics.
• Multiple compression modes for expanded flexibility.
• True stereo sidechain. (4 channel input; 1+2=audio, 3+4=Sidechain)
• High & low pass filters on the sidechain.
• Further 9 filter models featuring presets with key frequencies in drum mixing.
• Adjustable low-level controls to fine tune the compression characteristics. ("Snap", "Linearity" & "Envelope").
• Dry/wet control allowing easy "parallel compression".
• Optional extra "Crunch" by enabling a built-in second compressor on the output stage.
• Optional limiter on output.
• Zero latency.
• 80 categorized presets included

Toontrack EzPlayer Pro

Toontrack EzPlayer Pro
EZplayer® pro at a glance
EZplayer® pro is a multi track MIDI organizer, arranger and format conversion tool between mapping formats that allows you to gather all your MIDI clips in one browser. You can use EZplayer® pro to preview those MIDI clips and drag and drop them directly into your host. The multi track arranger in EZplayer® pro also makes it possible to arrange MIDI clips into fused sequences to either be saved back into the EZplayer® pro browser for later use or be dragged into your usual sequencer as part of a composition.

So what is EZplayer® pro?
EZplayer® pro is the much boosted version of Toontrack® Music's EZplayer® FREE. It is available as a separate product from Toontrack® Music and associated distributors but is also included as the MIDI drag and drop engine for Superior Drummer® 2.0. To learn more about Superior Drummer® 2.0 please visit the S2.0 product page.

How do I use EZplayer® pro?
You simply connect any track in EZplayer® pro to a track in your host pre-assigned to the sampler that you want to use as a sound source using the MIDI OUT function (check the manual found in the help menu of the EZplayer® pro interface for specific procedure in various programs).

Once attached to your sampler, it could not be easier to build your tracks, right there in our intuitive built-in arranger: use the EZplayer® pro's browser to audition your MIDI clips and arrange them on the timeline, on as few or as many tracks as is convenient or required.

But it does not stop there, using an intelligent cataloging system EZplayer® pro is also capable of isolating most percussive instruments from your MIDI files, allowing you to re-combine patterns from different grooves to form exciting new beats.

Used in conjunction with Toontrack solo and EZdrummer® or Superior Drummer®, the award winning samplers from Toontrack® Music, EZplayer® pro also becomes a stand alone workstation for creating MIDI beats independently from your regular sequencer.

Will EZplayer® pro work with any sampler?
EZplayer® pro is General MIDI compatible out of the box and will ofcourse drive any Toontrack® sampler with no further setup, but tracks in the EZplayer® pro arranger can also be connected to any other sampler instrument in your host software (to choose among the extensive 3rd party support list, see below), and thereby be used to audition and organize all your MIDI clips, regardless of where they came from.

EZplayer® pro's more specialized features focus on use with percussive samplers. As mentioned above EZplayer pro® is capable of translating MIDI files between different drum sampler. To do so simply select the appropriate mapping from the menu next to the relevant EZplayer® pro's track (or browser for audition purposes). Conversely, source material can be identified when incorporated into the browser so that any format can be translated into any other.

Supported sampler mappings at the time of writing are: dfh Superior (including Custom and Vintage), EZdrummer®, DFH® 1&2, Digidesign's Strike, Battery, BFD 1&2, Addictive Drums, Reason Drum Kits and of course any GM software or hardware sampler, percussive or not.

What else do I get with EZplayer® pro?
EZplayer® pro comes with a generous amount of percussive MIDI files to get you started. The files are played by Toontrack® artists David ”Fingers” Haynes and Per Mikaelsson (drummer of the Claustrophobic EZX®).

Can I use my existing MIDI libraries with EZplayer® pro?
Of course, just add your MIDI folders in the EZplayer® pro browser by using the Add Path function or drag them straight into the EZplayer® pro basic browser. Tell EZplayer® pro what mapping format the files are in. Instantaneously your MIDI files (complete with folder structure) will show up in the browser of EZplayer® pro ready to be auditioned, arranged on the timeline or dragged into your host.

Where can I get more MIDI files for EZplayer® pro?
Either purchase any of the Toontrack® EZdrummer® EZX® expansion packs and install on your computer*. The MIDI files included will show up in your EZplayer® pro browser automatically. You can also scroll to Content Delivery in the help menu in the EZplayer® FREE interface to find weblinks to third party content delivery sites.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

LinPlug RM-V Drum Addiction VSTi v5.0.3 DVDR AiRISO

LinPlug RM-V Drum Addiction VSTi v5.0.3 DVDR AiRISO

RMV Drum Addiction v5.0.3

* RMV comes with a vast selection of partly multi sampled acoustic and electronic kits and synthesized kits and MIDI and Audio Loops:
o 10,000 Drum Sounds (Sampled and Synthesized).
o 2600 MIDI Grooves.
o 1500 Audio Loops.

iZotope Ozone 4.01 RTAS/, VST, MAS, AU (Mac OSX)+[k]

It's not finished until Ozone is on it.
The process of mastering ranges from correcting mistakes made in the mix to preparing a recording for target listening environments. Like a final coat of polish, mastering makes the difference between a good sounding mix and a professional sounding master. When you're ready to master, Ozone is all you need.
More info Here:
Code: Install
2.) Open an app that used the plugin and the iZotope registration prompt will appear.
3.) Use challenge response option to register. Click next, and you'll get a challenge code.
4. Using a PPC with Tiger (OSX 10.4) and Virtual PC, or a PC or Intel Mac running Windows, start the keygen application.
5.) Type in your challenge code and it will give you the response.
6.) Back on your Mac, type in the response code, and you're all set.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Saturday, February 7, 2009

R&B Hip Hop Chordz Kit

R&B Hip Hop Chordz Kit

PSP Orchestral Essentials

PSP Orchestral Essentials

Producer Drumz

Producer Drumz

Phat Boyz Drum Tools

Phat Boyz Drum Tools

Orchestral Fire Kit

Orchestral Fire Kit

Native American Samples

Native American Samples

Pizzicato Strings Soundfont HQ

Pizzicato Strings Soundfont HQ

Planetary Lead Soundfont HQ

Planetary Lead

Orchestra Hit Soundfont HQ

Orchestra Hit

Musicbox Soundfont HQ

Musicbox Soundfont HQ

Concert Harp Soundfont HQ

Concert Harp Soundfont HQ

Rock Organ Soundfont HQ

Rock Organ Soundfont HQ

String Ensemble Soundfont HQ

String Ensemble Soundfont HQ

Tubular Bells Soundfont HQ

Vibraphone Soundfont HQ



Atomix Virtual DJ 5.2 Professional (Mac OS X)

VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing software, targeting every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars like Carl Cox.
With its breakthrough BeatLock engine, your songs will always stay in the beat, and you can work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ could.
The automatic seamless loop engine and the brand new synchronised sampler will let you perform astounding remixes live, with no preparation at all.
The visual representation and the cues allow you to clearly see the song's structure, and never be surprised by a break anymore.
The vinyl controls will let you scratch like on a real turntable, except that with the beatlock engine your scratches will never end out of the beat.
Add to that an infinite number of cue points you can save for each songs, a bunch of wonderful effects automatically beat-synchronised.
Add also several interfaces to suit everybody from the beginner to the professional DJ, the possibility to record your mixes to burn them on CDs, to broadcast on the Internet and have your own radio station, to save your CDs directly in MP3, to use a headphone to preview the songs or an external mixtable to perform in a club.
Lastly, enter the new era of DJs by mixing video clips (DVD, DivX, MPEG...) which you can send on a giant screen.
Virtual DJ brings you all that, in the most easy-to-use way, and at the most affordable price.
Twin independent zero-latency players with:
Standard controls (play, pause, stop, cue)
Volume control
Pitch control (from -34 to +34%)
3 band equalizers with Kill + gain
One-click beat matching and synchronisation (new FAME algorithm)
BeatLock engine: your songs will always stay in time, and you can work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ could
Automatic beat-matched crossfading
On-the-fly automatic BPM calculation
Automatic pitch matching
Automatic level matching
Automatic beat matching
Dynamic beat visualizer for easy drag'n'drop beat-matching
Real scratch simulation
Virtual scratch: Scratch your mp3 with your bare hand
Automatic beat-aware LOOP function
Synchronised sampler with 12 instant slots
Master Tempo pitch algorithm
Automatic first beat and last beat detection
Automatic 4/4 phase detection
OSC network synchronisation
Infinite number of beatlocked desks (local multi-instance or network)
Infinite number of cue points saved per songs
Beat-aware effect plugins (included: beatgrid, flippin, vocal remover, filter, flanger, backspin, brake, etc...)
VST effects compatibility
Video mix with TV output (mix songs and/or video clips !)
Full karaoke support
Proprietary of FreeFrame video effects
Inifite number of video effect simultaneously
DJ-adapted video transition plugins
Song database engine with easy-to-use search feature
CoverFlow or text-only song browsing
Compatible with iTunes playlists
ID3 compatibility
Automatic filter folders
Automatic Hot-Swap of external harddrives
Ready-to-burn file recording to burn your own mixed CDs
Broadcast on the Internet
CD to MP3 encoder
Optional 3D sound card, 2 sound cards or Y-splitter for real-time monitoring or external mixtable use
ASIO soundcard compatibility
Fully customisable (skin engine and shortcut macro engine)
External MIDI keyboard compatibility for shortcuts
Compatibility with most external controllers (DMC2, DAC3, iCDX, TotalControl, BCD2000, DJConsole, etc...)
Optional automatic mixing: Virtual DJ recognizes the style of the music (techno, hip hop, lounge) and adapt its mix in consequence

Download Here:
Password: ozmosis


Deckadance is a DJ mixing application that works either as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host.

You can control Deckadance using your mouse, keyboard & most existing midi controllers & timecoded vinyl and CD systems.

Image-Line, the company behind Deckadance, has more than 10 years of experience in writing and managing audio software such as FL Studio. In developing Deckadance, we didn't just bring in some consulting DJs to tell our software engineers what they wanted. Deckadance was written by DJs for DJs, so we are confident that it will take your DJing to the next level.

Of course, if you suck as a DJ, you will still suck using Deckadance, but you will suck better, faster, harder and more creatively than ever before!



PC, IZotope.iDrum.VSTi.RTAS.v1.6.1.Incl.Keygen.AiR

Easy. Fun. Dope.
It doesn't matter if you're a professional beat-maker or if you've never touched a drum machine before. iDrum lets you create drum patterns quickly, either with its top-notch included kits or your own samples. There's simply no faster way to build a beat on your Mac or PC.

Drum machine newcomers will get to experience the same magical instant-gratification that hooked an entire generation of musicians on the hardware drum machines of yesteryear. Pros will find that iDrum is the perfect way to manage large unwieldy drum sample libraries, get a phat beat going, and get it exported into the format you need (and for less money than a replacement pad for your MPC 3000).

Seamless integration
iDrum runs as both a standalone native OS X and Windows application and as a plug-in for Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Ableton Live, SONAR, Cubase and more. This means you can use iDrum to create beats from right within your favorite music software environment, perfectly synced with your arrangement and always right where you left it when you return to your project after your next world tour.

Play that Beat
Don't feel like pushing buttons with your mouse? Prefer to bang on things instead? iDrum has you covered. Use record mode to tap out beats on an attached MIDI keyboard, or even using your QWERTY keyboard!

Official Site

Download Link

Overloud Breverb 1.1 VST RTAS

Overloud BREVERB finally fills the quality gap between expensive hardware units and software plugins.

- Sports the same high quality as the most expensive hardware outboards
- Features an advanced and hardware-like GUI
- Much more flexible than a convolution reverb
- Able to recreate the same reverb sound of countless hits

PC, Overloud.BREVERB.VST.RTAS.v1.1. AiR

Official Site

Download Link

Rayzoom Version 2 virtual drummer

This ground-breaking virtual drummer VSTi runs synchronized with your sequencer and features in-depth real-time modeling of various styles as well as human drummers with their own habits, accents and fill characteristics. Together, they can create thousands and thousands of realistic drum performances, each one editable down to the last hit thanks to the built-in limb-centric bar editor.

This unrivaled drum simulation is complemented by a high-quality sample player with 1.5GB of samples (XL version) as well as a VSTi subhost that can 'drive' your favorite drum module with the brain power and arrangement functionality of Jamstix 2.

Did we mention it can jam interactively with your MIDI or audio input? Make sure to download the demo and prepare to be amazed...

Advanced Virtual Drummer VSTi

* real-time groove composition using dedicated style and drummer modeling (not static patterns!)
* in-depth drummer limb simulation, including triangulation of hand movements, ensures that the grooves are always humanly playable (no ten-armed drummer here)
* advanced feel modeling includes sound-specific pocket delays, power and timing variations and can play ahead, on or behind the beat
* real-time fill generator produces unique fills (no static patterns used!) that match the style and drummer in use
* streamlined interface with visual drum kit for editing as well as just watching the drums play
* part-based arranger with transition and repetition fills, liveloop technology as well as drag-&-drop MIDI export
* limb-centric bar editor allows fine-tuning of events without need for MIDI export/editing in host
* extensive MIDI controller mapping allows in-depth remote-control of the style, drummer and mixer.
* built-in mixer with compressor and 3-band EQ
* comes with 50 styles (rock, funk, afro-cuban, blues, jazz, electronica, brazilian, breakbeat, country, R&B, Motown and many more) and 10 human drummer models, expandable via future Paks

High Quality Sounds

* built-in high-quality drum sample player with multiple velocity layers and controllable ambience
* alternate samples remove machine-gun effect by varying sounds at the same velocity
* sophisticated layering creates realistic sound accumulations based on drum types
* route sounds to 4-17 stereo outputs (adjustable)
* extensive sound library that can be expanded via expansion Paks

Integrates With Other Sound Modules

* integrated VSTi sub-hosting allows usage of any VSTi drum synthesizer, such as BFD™, DFHS™, EZDrummer™ and Addictive Drums™. Combine the sounds of your favorite drum plugin with the jam power and realism of Jamstix!
* allows creating kits that use a mix of external sounds and Jamstix 2 sounds! For example, you can built a kit that uses EZDrummer™ drums and Jamstix 2 percussion sounds and cymbals.
* flexible key and velocity mapping

Interactive Jamming
Jamstix can interact with your MIDI or audio input by adjusting velocity and using play rules, such as hihat/ride switching and snare head/sidestick switching as well as rhythm reduction giving you the feel of playing with a human drummer!

Supports Your Existing MIDI grooves
Jamstix can import your existing MIDI drum grooves as well as Jamstix 1 rhythms and use them as styles for playing by the drummer models. This means a static 1-bar MID file grooove comes to live by being played with the feel, accents and fills of the Jamstix 2 virtual drummers!

XL Version - Jazz, Electronic Grooves And More!
Jamstix 2 comes with jazz styles as well as an electronica style, which together with the brushed kit and electronic kits of the XL version, allow Jamstix 2 to cover a huge range of genres.


IK Multimedia T-RackS 3 Deluxe

The new T-RackS 3 raises the bar again in high-end DAW mastering and mixing, with a suite of 9 analog modeled and digital Dynamics/EQ processors, an audio quality that is unmatched in software, and scores of new and unique features.

Modular High-End Mastering/Mixing Suite of Dynamics and EQ processors, including:

* 9 processors comprised of 3 new analog and vintage emulations (including models based on the Fairchild 670 and the Pultec EQP-1A), 2 new digital processors as well the 4 classic, award-winning T-RackS processors
* New configurable mastering/mixing chain – run up to 12 parallel/series processors
* New complete built-in metering section with Peak, Perceived Loudness, Phase, and RMS meters, plus a Spectrum analyzer with Peak, RMS and Averaging indicators
* New standalone and plug-in versions available in the same package for use in all the most popular native DAWs
* New high-fidelity oversampling with crystal clear transparency, for high quality audio processing throughout the entire signal path
* New SCC™ technology coupled with IK’s unique DSM™ technology provides the most realistic software emulation of vintage gear to date
* Extremely easy to use, with style-based presets, full chain visualization, one-click single module or chain bypass, “compare” function, multiple audio processing in standalone mode and much more

T-RackS 3 has all the tools you need to create superb, tube-toned or digital-tuned, mixes and masters. Its rich, warm sound combines new tube-modeled and state-of-the-art digital processors on top of its classic top-notch analog classics. A new modular chain gives you full control and easy navigation/compare features. A new complete metering section keeps all the most important variables of your sound under control. A truly superior mastering and mixing system that will put a polish on your tracks you may have never thought possible. All this, while adding the beautiful warmth and space of the tube devices it emulates. No other plug-in offers this kind of dedicated environment for such an important task, and nothing sounds like T-RackS 3.

This is for PC

Official Site

Download Link

FL_Studio 8 XXL

FL_Studio 8 XXL
FL bible is included....


Mr Sax-T

Sample Modeling Mr Sax-T v1.0 DXi VSTi RTAS-DYNAMiCS
The Tenor Saxophone

Mr. Sax T. employs an entirely new technology, developed by Stefano Lucato when it became clear that all the previously applied approaches simply could not do. The technical name is Synchronous Wave Triggering. It uses samples as a base material, chromatically performed by a professional sax player over a very wide dynamic range, and recorded with state-of-the-art technology. The resulting timbre is therefore that of the real instrument. But the analogy with a sample based library ends here. The underlying, proprietary technology allows continuous interpolation among different vectors like time, dynamics, pitch and formants. Advanced real time processing techniques yield realistic legato/portamento, vibrato, ornamentations & trills with phase continuity, constant-formant pitchbends, subharmonics, growl and flutter tongue to be performed in real time.



What is it?

Did you ever wonder if the convention of imitating hardware
in software is the final word on friendly user interfaces?
Is it indisputably the most efficient, creative and
inspiring way of interacting with a software synth? We
asked ourselves these questions… and we created Synplant.

Synplant is a software synthesizer with a genetic approach
to sound creation. Instead of creating patches the
conventional way by turning dials and knobs, Synplant lets
you explore a world of organic sounds by planting seeds
that grow into synth patches. The purpose of this product
is to move focus away from the sometimes intricate and
difficult process of sound synthesis and instead let you
develop sounds by simply using your ears.

You will find that creating synth patches with Synplant
will be as easy as listening and deciding what you like and
then having the sounds evolve in the directions you desire.
Although Synplant is exceedingly easy to use, whatever you
do, do not let its relative simplicity fool you. Beneath
its straightforward and playful interface you will find a
versatile synthesizer of the utmost quality with lots of
character. Also, once you are ready to get your hands dirty
and dig deeper into the anatomy of Synplant you will have
the option to crack open your sound seeds and modify their
underlying genetic code.
demo sounded good.. ...not freeware but may be worth buying