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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Over 200 music and music production contracts from musicheights and modernbeats

Over 200 music and music production contracts from musicheights and modernbeats

These are all the modernbeats and musicheights music contracts all in one rar file. peace

Sunday, September 20, 2009

USB Soundscan Vol 62 Complete Harp Multiformat-AI

USB Soundscan Vol 62 Complete Harp Multiformat-AI

Complete Harp


• Total : 380 samples (36 loops / 35 bisbigliandos /39 chords / 29 cascades / 133 glisses / 108 single shots)
• 33 audio tracks
• Wav-Acid / Aiff / EXS24 / Halion / Reason2 / Akai Z4-Z8 / Mach5 / REX2 : 513,6 MB
• Akai partition : 33 volumes
• Tempo : 70 - 140 BPM

The harp is a much coveted instruments, used in many classical composition and appreciated in all styles. This enormous collection starts with a nice selection of musically inspiring phrases. You can benefit from the subtleties of Glissando and Bisbigliando. Next comes a chord section and the classic “cascade runs 48; (up, down, up & down). The collection ends with several variations of the instrument finely multisampled. This Soundscan provides all you need to enjoy the mesmerizing and enchanting harp.

Native Instruments Electrik Piano VST PC + Updates

Native Instruments Electrik Piano VST PC + Updates

Electrik Piano

Four classics – one software

ELEKTRIK PIANO unites the four most beloved E-pianos of all time into one high-performance software instrument, which reproduces in exacting detail the sounds of the MK I™ and MK II™, Hohner Clavinet E7™, and the Wurlitzer A 200™. These vintage classics have retained their magical allure to this day, and with ELEKTRIK PIANO their authentic sound and feel are attainable with a laptop or desktop computer.

Powerful sample engine

ELEKTRIK PIANO’s engine is based on KONTAKT 2 - Native Instruments’ award winning sampler. Each individual key of the hardware predecessors has been meticulously sampled to include the entire release phase at various velocity levels, ensuring incredibly authentic and dynamic playback of the original instruments.

Effects and presets

ELEKTRIK PIANO offers plenty of effects for individual instrument customization. Depending on the instrument, these include chorus, reverb, phaser, MIDI-controllable tremolo, wah-wah and more. Additionally, highly authentic impulse-response rooms and cabinet simulations lend ELEKTRIK PIANO even further depth and detail.
Each instrument also includes a wide selection of vivid, ready-to-play presets, which can be grouped into individual performance sets for quick recall of presets during live performance. Altered sound settings can be saved as new presets.
For stage and studio
Vivid sound, uncomplicated operation, and support for all professional interfaces make ELEKTRIK PIANO the first choice for studio and stage. Whether standalone or as a plug-in with multiple instances in a sequencer – ELEKTRIK PIANO combines the authentic sounds of these vintage E-pianos with the power of modern computer-based music production.

Wusik HQ Synthetica Complete Set 1 and Set 2 SoundSets For Wusikstation SCD

Wusik HQ Synthetica Complete Set 1 and Set 2 SoundSets For Wusikstation SCD-AMPLiFYiSO

Wusik has released HQ Synthetica Complete, a soundset for

HQ Synthetica Complete consists of the previously HQ
Synthetica Volumes 1 to 15 combined and divided into 2 sets.

All sounds were sampled several keys per octave, and in
some cases even all keys.

HQ Synthetica Complete

* Set 1: Uncompressed to 1.67 GB, compressed to 1.16 GB.
192 Presets.
* Set 2: Uncompressed to 830 MB, compressed to 534 MB. 223

Native Instruments Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD-BLiZZARD


This DVD presents some easy-to-follow steps that help explain this fascinating tool and clearly demonstrates some of the more advanced features available to the user. It imparts a very good working knowledge of this versatile synthesizer and offers a greater understanding of this instrument’s true potential. This tutorial is segmented into chapters, allowing the viewer to pause, skip, or jump from feature to feature or restart the chapters, as desired. The chapters have also been divided into segments letting viewers skip through the various stages of a chapter for added convinience. Have Absynth running at the same time and try out what has just been demonstrated.

This DVD also includes some added extras including studio visits with artists who use Absynth in their music, as well as an interview with an award-winning film composer who creates major Hollywood film music using theAbsynthprogramme.

# 4.5 hours of detailed Absynth 3 tutorials
# Extensive interview with Absynth developer Brian Clevinger including tips and tricks
# Interview with Hollywood film composer Jeff Rona
# Interview with Junkie XL
# Exclusive artist presets by Junkie XL and Jeff Rona
# Best of Absynth sound bank by Brian Clevinger
# Specially designed tutorial presets help illustrate the lessons
# Many sound examples
# All content in English language

Table Of Contents:
# Introduction
# 1. Main window (presets, banks etc.)
# 2. Sound generation: Patch window.
# 3. Sampling and granular sampling.
# 4. Working with waveforms
# 5. Five special effects plus audio input.
# 6. Flexible envelopes, tempo sync, MIDI breakpoints etc.
# 7. Surround sound, set up, envelopes and LFOs.
# 8. LFOs for modulation, rhythms, beat-sync, MIDI control etc.
# 9. MIDI features, controllers, scaling, velocity curves etc.
# Extras: Detailed tips and tricks with Brian Clevinger; interviews with Jeff Rona and Junkie XL.

Beta Monkey Natural Grooves Acid Wav

Beta Monkey Natural Grooves Acid Wav
Beta Monkey, Natural Grooves

Beta Monkey Natural Grooves Acid Wav
Natural Grooves

Natural Grooves

BETA MONKEY Natural Grooves®: Pure, Clean Grooves for Rock, Alt Rock, and Blues/Bluesy-Rock with complete multi-velocity sample set.

There is something to be said about the pure beauty of a well-mic’ed, well-tuned, and well-played drum kit. While the competition continues to smother layer upon layer of compression, EQ, and reverb to their drum loops, Beta Monkey’s Natural Grooves takes drum loops and samples to another level. Want total control over your drum sounds? Want the ability to add the effects, compression, and reverb YOUR music needs and not the other way around? With over 1200 drums and samples, Natural Grooves gives you complete control over an arsenal of pure acoustic grooves.

Bottom Line? The Natural Grooves CD offers the artist unprecedented control over the sound of the drums.

Zero G - Drum and Bass Producer Refill

Zero G - Drum and Bass Producer Refill

When it comes to Drum'n'Bass The EZ Rollers need no introduction. One of the UK's premiere D'n'B production teams has finally made a sample library, and it rocks...
This is the most happening selection of Drum & Bass samples on the planet from one of the world's best Drum & Bass production teams.
A killer collection of the freshest beats, basses, pads, synths, fx, vocals and general weirdness.

Featured Sounds:
Beats, Percussion Loops, Basses, Pads, Delays, Drum Hits, FX, Guitars, Sci-Fi, Stabs, Vox FX and more...

Pro.ton 3 reason refill

Pro.ton 3 reason refill

PinkNoise Studio proudly presents: PRO.TON3 virtual analogue synth with hardware based chorus!

PRO.TON3 is not a traditional refill. Neither is it a sampling library, filled with recorded presets or sounds of instruments. It's more like a virtual analogue synthesizer that exploits the full power of Reason.
analogue oscillators

PRO.TON3 only uses short analogue waveforms (saw, square, etc.) as building blocks in NN-XT advanced sampler. NN-XT handles unlimited number of multilayers, where every layer has its own envelopes, LFOs, filters, pan position. These layers (in analogue terminology: oscillators) can also be altered & controlled by velocity, modwheel and aftertouch. And this was only the NN-XT, now comes the icing on the cake: the Combinators!
hardware based chorus effects

On the other hand, PRO.TON3 is the very first synthesizer refill in the world that integrates two hardware modeled chorus effects into Reason: the Roland Dimension-D and Boss CE-1.

Roland Dimension-D and Boss CE-1: these are probably the best sounding and artifact-free chorus effects in the world!
You could hear them on countless records, from luminaries such as Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads and INXS. And from now on these great effects are integrated into your REASON rack, providing incredible fat, warm and wide stereo sounds!

Kocept + Funktion - Drum and Bass refill

Kocept + Funktion - Drum and Bass refill

Koncept & Funktion is now also available as a Reason Refill! This underground Drum & Bass library produced by David & Nic Higham in the UK turns your Propellerheads REASON software into a super-powerful D+B production machine, with all the loops and samples you need to turn out unique professional quality dance tracks.

Over 1.1 Gb of material, including 40 Construction Kits, plus a huge selection of driving Beats & Loops, Bass Loops, Liquid Funk Loops, Organ Loops, Pad Loops, Synth Loops, and Loop FX. Also provides Drum Kit Sounds, Dark FX, Hits FX, Industrial FX, Noise FX, Space FX, Sweep FX, Pads, Pad Sweeps, Female Vocals, Spoken Vocals, and Vocal FX.

propellerhead - Reason 4.0 (build 905) PC

Making music should be as easy as powering up a computer, loading up a powerful piece of music software, and getting down to business. And it is. Reason version 4 is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. And it's more than just a set of excellent synths and effects. It's a complete music system. Step into the age of Reason.

Abbey Road Keyboard Refill

The Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill brings the sound of legendary Abbey Road Studios into your Reason rack. Recorded on location using Abbey Road's recording rooms and vintage equpiment, this ReFill gives you access to seven time-honored Abbey Road instruments - these are the keyboards heard on all those immortal Abbey Road recordings.

The Abbey Road Keyboards were recorded using the original mics, outboard and vintage mixing desk from Abbey Road's Studio Two, recreating not only the sound of the instruments themselves, but the very signal paths, technology and recording techniques that is the Abbey Road sound. Each instrument was captured using multiple microphones placed at different locations in Studio Two's beautiful sounding recording space, allowing for full ambience control in Reason.

ABBEY ROAD and the ABBEY ROAD LOGO are trademarks of EMI (IP) Limited.

Norman Cook - Skip To My Loops Refill -

Norman Cook - Skip To My Loops Refill

The ultimate DJ Sample Library from the Internationally acclaimed Superstar DJ Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim!


An essential collection from one of the UK's most successful dance remixers. A massive collection of superb loops, ranging from 84 bpm to obscenely fast. Plus some extra samples including FX, Guitar, Reggae, Flute, and many more. The more you use it, the more you like it. One of our most popular CDs ever!

AMG give you the library of arguably the World's finest dance artist/producers optimized for the ReFill format. Everything that made the original CD so legendary are included along with some extra, specially programed patches by Dan Powell too!

CD-ROM Specs:

The ReFill file is divided into several sub-sections, containing data for the various instruments in Reason.

For Dr.Rex

There are over 300 breakbeats and music loops in Rex format for easy manipulation in the Dr. Rex player. These all come from the magical library of Mr. Norman Cook.

For the NN19 Sampler

About 280 breakbeats from the Dr.Rex section are available as regular samples as well, and organised by original tempo in case you wish to use them in the NN19 sampler.

There are 121 NN19 Sampler patches that provide easy access to about 400 samples from Mr. Cook's library.

These are organised into Basses, Flutes, Effects, Guitars, Leads, Music Loops, Stabs, Vocals, and a few more esoteric titles.

For the Subtractor "Analog" Synth

20 new synth patches programmed by Dan Powell. Not strictly Mr.Cook's work, but hopefully of use within his stylistic territory.

For the Redrum Drum Machine

10 Drum Kits using samples from Norman Cook's library. These access a pool of over 150 single drum hit samples.

Studio Setup Songs

We also provide three quick setup Songs to help get you up and running as quickly as possible in Reason.

Be Fat.

Finally, don't forget that you can combine the samples from this collection with your own stuff, as well as with the factory sounds from Propellerheads.

Sample Libraries

Sample Libraries

Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
Uploaded: Trauma

David Guetta Acapellas
Uploaded: Trauma

Grand Theft Auto Samples
Uploaded: Trauma

Scantraxx Samples

Big Fish Audio Nu Funk Formula


It's Tha Nu Funk Formula - comin ta git ya. Slather on the Smooveness and luvin soulful funk. This motion lotion can make a funk potion leading to serious dopeness. You get three jam packed CDs with 50 construction kits and a bonus cd full of bites, breaks, vocals and more - all with that Rick Stone-yness that is so succulent and fresh. You also get an audio preview disc to check out the Formula from your ride or wherever! All WAV files are perfectly named and labeled with key and tempo! So easy -- so so easy. Go n gitit!




Tempos range from 80 to 135 BPM

-kits include -
percussion and more!

7 folders of Extras including Basses, Clavs, Distorted Drum Loops, Live Drum Loops, DSP Drum Loops, Guitars and Raps

Vocal Samples Pack

Vocal Samples Pack

This is a pack of various vocal samples that I uploaded for someone on a forum, thought I might as well share it here too.

There is mainly Reggae/Dancehall style vocal samples in the pack, but there is other random vocal stuff in there too.

The samples are of mixed quality and formats.

Vocal Samples Pack

Lion Audio 1000 Drum Hits WAV SCD - AMPLiFYiSO

Lion Audio 1000 Drum Hits WAV SCD - AMPLiFYiSO

This pack has been compiled to bring the utmost quality,
and only the most usable best samples have been included.
"Over 1,000 Individually mastered Drum Hits used by
Professional Producers all over the World" 242 Bass Kicks, 403 Snares, 224 Hi-Hats, Percussion, & hundreds of Cymbals, Claps, Specials, Exclusive Hits and many more!

Lion Audio 1000 Drum Hits WAV SCD-AMPLiFYiSO

Applied Acoustics Strum Electric GS-1

Applied Acoustics Strum Electric GS-1

Applied Acoustics Strum Electric GS-1 VSTi RTAS 1.0
Applied Acoustics Systems has announced the release of Strum Electric GS-1, a new guitar track production plug-in for music producers and composers. Based on the latest AAS physical modeling technology, Strum Electric includes a collection of classic single coil- and humbucker-fitted guitars, a two-channel amplifier with spring reverb, a speaker cabinet, and effects all featured in a ready-made preset library. It also includes an elaborate voicing module which automatically voices chords played on the keyboard as a guitar player would on the fretboard. Techniques such as down- and up-strokes, slides and bends, hammer-ons and pull-offs, palm muting, muffled strings, and arpeggios are triggered by special strumming keys. Strum Electric also ships with a MIDI loops library which provides rhythmic figures, strumming patterns, and chord progressions in various musical styles.




Session Drummer 2
Session Drummer 2 was designed from the ground up to provide the fastest and most fun way to create realistic and vital drum tracks. Session Drummer 2 includes real multi-sampled drum kits paired with professionally recorded drum patterns. Build an accompaniment by simply loading a drum kit and dragging and dropping patterns into your project.
session Drummer 2's amazing sound quality is made possible by the included high-quality samples and MIDI patterns from Smart Loops, an industry leader in rhythm content. These samples are rendered using the unrivaled, non-aliasing Expression Engine™, found exclusively in the Cakewalk Instruments Line

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Motion Samples BoomBonix Drum Samples WAV

As requested by major producers and popular demand this version of Boombonix offers the best new Dirty South 808 drum samples available anywhere, no joke! We’ve gone beyond the typical 808 to bring you modern sounds created with analog drum machines mixed with digital drum synths for the best of both worlds. Included are sounds of sub bass kicks, snappy snares, stacked claps/snaps, crispy clear hats, tom sets, digital percussions, synth fx and much more. All you crunkhead producers looking for the top Dirty South drums in the industry, here it is!


FL Studio 9
More instruments, more effects, more studio

An update to Image Line’s popular FL Studio DAW has been released, bringing with it new plug-ins and work-flow alterations, and a bizarre new instrument called Autogun. A psuedo-random additive synth based on the sound engine from Image Line’s Ogun synth, it uses more than 32,000 harmonics to create metallic sounds, but has only a few controls. Autogun contains four billion presets that appear have been created by assigning a number to nearly every possibility, which can paged through or selected by typing in by number. The Vocodex vocoder and the Stereo Shaper Mid/Side processor are also new to FL Studio 9 (FL9), as is the side-chaining function of the Fruity Limiter. FL Studio Signature Edition has replaced the old XXL bundle for the v9 release, and gives the user the full-featured Producer Edition of FL Studio as well as six plug-ins, including the Maximus mastering limiter and Hardcore, a stomp-box emulator for guitar.

Users of multi-output plug-ins (such as NI Kontakt 4 or Toontrack Superior Drummer 2) will be happy to know that unlike, unlike FL8, FL9 supports more than two outputs via the Fruity Wrapper channel, which handles virtual instruments in FL. The mixer has also been enhanced, now boasting 105 tracks, while the playlist has gained a scrub function, among others. Arrangement in FL9 (as in v8) can be carried out in a visual, hands-on way, without specific mixer tracks being tied to a playlist track. In order to make the stacking of different types of clips on top of one another user friendly, a prioritisation system has been added, letting the user give top editing priority to audio, automation or pattern clips at any one location. Also new to the playlist is a miniature play button, which has found its way onto the step sequencer as well. Finally, Image Line have tidied up multi-core support for FL9, allowing plug-ins in the mixer to take full advantage of the latest processors by multi-threading tasks, where previously only instruments could use more than one core.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movie Samples Vol 1 Samples & Dialogues | Wav | 156 MB

Movie Samples Vol 1
Samples & Dialogues | Wav | 156 MB

More Than 1380 Outstanding Movie samples and dialogues in WAV-format.


Sunday, September 6, 2009



Future Loops presents “Scratch Anthology” the second title from our Urban Series…an awe-inspiring collection of scratch samples that will add an authentic street flavour to your tracks!

This funky collection was produced by Dj Quest (Space Travelerz , LiveHuman ), scratch expert and virtuoso , to delight you with the best turntable sounds on the planet !

Dj Quest created a massive sample library (over 1000 scratch loops ) that is both a stand out of his unique talent and many years of experience of scratching and turntable techniques, and also a powerful tool built for extreme usability : you will now be able to access a glorious resource of superior turntable loops that will give that urban feel to your music !

“Scratch Anthology” is a rich assortment of turntable/scratch based music compiled with over 700MB worth of true turntable mechanics. “Scratch Anthology” contains a wide variety of scratch patterns from different eras of the art form : from old school basic rubs to modern styles such as crab and flare.

The samples, all loop ready (WAV and REX ), vary from 1- 2 bar as well as 1/4 and 1/2 note. In addition, the range of sounds expands the usual expected by incorporating cut up instruments (drums, basses, horns, vocal phrases, etc,) and electronic sounds for the user to compose tracks completely with “Scratch Anthology”.

The samples are categorized in folders by BPM, beginning at 80 BPM all the way to 125 BPM, with increments of 5 BPM per folder.

As a bonus, there is an additional bank with the traditional scratch sounds. Basic Scratches, Combos, and Rubs are a mixture of the different fundamental techniques dj's have performed through the years !

“Scratch Anthology” is perfect for all you vinyl freaks , scratch addicts and turntable junkies ! Basically if you want to mix funky , outrageous and professional urban elements into your songs you will have a field day with “Scratch Anthology” !

What are you waiting for ? Le-le-lets ge-get scratching !

FatLoud ClubSynth - Wav.Format

FatLoud ClubSynth - Wav.Format

FatLoud Club Synth contains over 100 royalty-free studio quality 24-bit loops in club (hip-hop, r’n’b, pop) style, ready to use in your music productions.Club Synth features around 300MB of content in both WAV and REX2 (RyCycle) formats to give you full compatibility with software and hardware samplers.


• Over 100 synth loops (before duplications)
• WAV and REX2 formats
• Total of 202 files


• 80bpm: 50 WAV/REX2 files
• 92bpm: 54 WAV/REX2 files
• 100bpm: 46 WAV/REX2 files
• 112bpm: 52 WAV/REX2 files


Big Fish Audio - Neo Soul 2 (WAV)

Big Fish Audio - Neo Soul 2 (WAV)Neo Soul 2 is the second installment of the smoothest soul music yo've ever heard. Veteran producer and composer Josquin des Pres teams up with multi-talented newcomer Brett Michael Wiesman to deliver the second installment of the critically acclaimed bestseller "Neo Soul".Reminiscent of old school R&B and 70s funk, combined with today's hottest grooves, Neo Soul 2 reunites a host of top notch players: Carl Evans on keyboards (Stevie Wonder, Barry White), David Stark on guitar (Rick James, Teena Marie), Tommy Aros on percussion (Luis Miguel), Chris Klich on horns and flutes, Josquin des Pres on bass and Michael Evans on drums. Whether you're a DJ, remixer, producer, songwriter, sound designer, rapper or singer, Neo Soul 2 is a rich musical palette of compositions that goes far beyond just basic beats, it's a comprehensive work tool that will enhance the sound libraries of music creators at any level. With plenty of material in AIFF/Apple Loops/REX/WAV, this follow-up is sure to inspire some serious hits.