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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mellowmuse Mellowhead VST/RTAS 1.2

Mellowmuse Mellowhead VST/RTAS 1.2

Mellowmuse Mellowhead VST/RTAS 1.2

Mellowmuse's Mellowhead amplifier and effects suite has decided to separate itself from the competition by focusing on key areas of amp simulation. The emphasis here is on creating the raw organic sound of a mic'd tube amp. There are 10 convolution based speaker cabinets and 10 different pre-amp/tone settings, ranging from clean to brutal distortion, as well as 3 band tone controls. The 5 effects pedals, reverb and cabinet bypass allow further creative shaping of your guitar sound. CPU has been kept as low, so multiple instances wont bring your DAW to its knees, Mellowhead produces no additional latency to hamper your playing.


* 10 pre-amp/amp settings.
* 10 convolution based guitar cabinets.
* 5 effects pedals, Tremolo, Delay, Chorus, Phaser and Tone Booster.
* CPU efficient design.
* Capable of a wide range of tones from clean to heavy overdriven tube amp sounds.
* Bass, Mid, Treble tone controls.
* Separate master and pre-amp gain controls.
* Reverb.
* Cabinet bypass.

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