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Monday, January 11, 2010

Puremagnetik P-50 Linear for Kontakt 2-NoGRP

Puremagnetik P-50 Linear for Kontakt 2-NoGRP

Puremagnetik P-50 Linear for Kontakt

Puremagnetik P-50 Linear for KONTAKT | 271 MB

The D-50 is an all-time favorite digital synth that’s still just as popular today as when it first came out in ‘87. Once Roland’s hottest digital synth, it competed against the Yamaha DX7,and was much easier to use. By joining 8-bit PCM samples with “LAS” synth-generated sounds, the D-50 is capable of unique and complex sounds. The PCM samples contained the attack transients, while the rest of the sound came from the Linear Arithmatic Synth (LAS) section which sounds very analog, with subtractive-style synthesis and low-pass-resonant filters. Puremagnetik has recreated these classic sounds for Kontakt. The P-50 Linear includes customized patches sourced directly from the original D-50 sound engine.

P-50 Linear Feature Highlights:

  • • Over 350 MB of 24-bit Sound Content.

  • • Customized KSP Panels for Kontakt.

  • • Includes Leads, Pads, Basses & More.

Puremagnetik P-50 Linear for Kontakt 2-NoGRP


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Part 1 | Part 2

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Part 1 | Part 2

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