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Sunday, August 15, 2010

1402 CopRadio SFX Samples BySonokinetik

1402 CopRadio SFX Samples BySonokinetik

1402 CopRadio SFX Samples BySonokinetik

1402 CopRadio SFX Samples BySonokinetik | WAV | 962 mb

A genuine sampling first – a massive 1,400 authentic police quotes, dispatch codes and speech samples recorded using a police car radio: urban snatches straight from New York City. Inject the flavour of the street into any style of production with this huge 100% royalty-free library, featuring male and female radio operatives.

Gracias al Colega Calypsohomer que nos ha enviado esto…

Thanks to Colleague Calypsohomer sent us this …

Quotes include: “All units to location”, “He’s got a knife”, “Suspect is armed and dangerous”,

“The suspect should be considered insane”, “Copy that”, “In pursuit�, “Over and out”, “There’s a bomb!”,

“Roger that”, “Get down”, “Help’s on the way”, “Robbery in progress”, “Check warrant”, “Is the suspect carrying weapons?”,

“2006 red Ford Mustang has been stolen”, “B-Boy”, “Officer is out of service”and many, many more.


Police Officer D. Margolis speech SFX include:

  • 107 Action quotes

  • 51 Alphabet one-shots

  • 42 Codes

  • 45 Generic Police Radio cuts

  • 278 Codebook snatches

Police Dispatch Operator M. Smith SFX include:

  • 83 Action Quotes (Agitated, Descriptions, Questions)

  • 51 Forces alphabet one-shots

  • 162 Codes

  • 193 Generic Police Radio cuts

  • 388 Codebook snatches

Click here for a complete list of cues

All Wavs are clearly organised and labeled to allow you to find the quote you need instantly.


CopradioSampleOverview Cop Radio

Listen to “Cop Radio” DEMO by Sonokinetic


-Male Police Officer & Female Dispatch Sound effects all from the “Cop Radio” library

1402 CopRadio SFX Samples BySonokinetik

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