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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Norman Cook - Skip To My Loops Refill -

Norman Cook - Skip To My Loops Refill

The ultimate DJ Sample Library from the Internationally acclaimed Superstar DJ Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim!


An essential collection from one of the UK's most successful dance remixers. A massive collection of superb loops, ranging from 84 bpm to obscenely fast. Plus some extra samples including FX, Guitar, Reggae, Flute, and many more. The more you use it, the more you like it. One of our most popular CDs ever!

AMG give you the library of arguably the World's finest dance artist/producers optimized for the ReFill format. Everything that made the original CD so legendary are included along with some extra, specially programed patches by Dan Powell too!

CD-ROM Specs:

The ReFill file is divided into several sub-sections, containing data for the various instruments in Reason.

For Dr.Rex

There are over 300 breakbeats and music loops in Rex format for easy manipulation in the Dr. Rex player. These all come from the magical library of Mr. Norman Cook.

For the NN19 Sampler

About 280 breakbeats from the Dr.Rex section are available as regular samples as well, and organised by original tempo in case you wish to use them in the NN19 sampler.

There are 121 NN19 Sampler patches that provide easy access to about 400 samples from Mr. Cook's library.

These are organised into Basses, Flutes, Effects, Guitars, Leads, Music Loops, Stabs, Vocals, and a few more esoteric titles.

For the Subtractor "Analog" Synth

20 new synth patches programmed by Dan Powell. Not strictly Mr.Cook's work, but hopefully of use within his stylistic territory.

For the Redrum Drum Machine

10 Drum Kits using samples from Norman Cook's library. These access a pool of over 150 single drum hit samples.

Studio Setup Songs

We also provide three quick setup Songs to help get you up and running as quickly as possible in Reason.

Be Fat.

Finally, don't forget that you can combine the samples from this collection with your own stuff, as well as with the factory sounds from Propellerheads.

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