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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pro.ton 3 reason refill

Pro.ton 3 reason refill

PinkNoise Studio proudly presents: PRO.TON3 virtual analogue synth with hardware based chorus!

PRO.TON3 is not a traditional refill. Neither is it a sampling library, filled with recorded presets or sounds of instruments. It's more like a virtual analogue synthesizer that exploits the full power of Reason.
analogue oscillators

PRO.TON3 only uses short analogue waveforms (saw, square, etc.) as building blocks in NN-XT advanced sampler. NN-XT handles unlimited number of multilayers, where every layer has its own envelopes, LFOs, filters, pan position. These layers (in analogue terminology: oscillators) can also be altered & controlled by velocity, modwheel and aftertouch. And this was only the NN-XT, now comes the icing on the cake: the Combinators!
hardware based chorus effects

On the other hand, PRO.TON3 is the very first synthesizer refill in the world that integrates two hardware modeled chorus effects into Reason: the Roland Dimension-D and Boss CE-1.

Roland Dimension-D and Boss CE-1: these are probably the best sounding and artifact-free chorus effects in the world!
You could hear them on countless records, from luminaries such as Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads and INXS. And from now on these great effects are integrated into your REASON rack, providing incredible fat, warm and wide stereo sounds!

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