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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sampletekk – The Rain Piano (Kontakt-Exs-Fxp)

Sampletekk – The Rain Piano (Kontakt-Exs-Fxp)

Sampletekk – The Rain Piano (Kontakt-Exs-Fxp) |720 MB

An Upright Piano with unique character

8 True Velocities X2 (Pedal Up / Pedal Down)

Said about The Rain Piano:

  • - “DAMN that sounds awesome!!!”

  • - “It´s natural and realistic”

  • - “The idea is wonderful and the sound is very convincing!”

  • - “Quite a lovely little piano”

  • - “Love it!”

  • - ”Interesting and intriguing”

  • - “Finally someone who realised that instruments should have character”


There are a lot of sampled pianos. Most of them are grand pianos that are tuned and recorded

in a way that is standard in the world of recording. But what about all the wonderful

recordings made in studios using Uprights? Could I reproduce that character in a functionally

useful sample piano? It would have to be perfectly “in tune” and yet retain the natural detuned

personality of a typical studio Upright.

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