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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Delectable Records Deep Elements | 274 MB

Delectable Records Deep Elements
Delectable Records Deep Elements | 274 MB

Deep Elements is a sound collection of influential Deep music which has been engineered solely with the dance floor in mind and is an excellent addition for Deep House music producers.

Suitable for most Deep House and Deep Tech music, this new Delectable Records title contains a big collection of smart rhythmic parts and solid dance elements expressly designed to help you make Deep House and Deep Tech masterpieces.

This mighty Delectable Records package contains Big Basslines, smooth but powerful Synths, useful Grooves and Tops and vigorous Sound fx and does everything it needs to effortlessly.

All loops are recorded at 121 Bpm, 44.1 Khz at 24 bit In detail, in Deep Elements you find:

45 Sub Bass Loops
36 Deep Synths Loops
32 Phat Grooves Loops
29 Vocal Cuts SFX
33 Melodic Tension SFX
23 Glitch Percs SFX
22 Addon Deep Kick Loops

For a total of 221 unique sounds, available in Wav or Aiff version for complete flexibility.


Thanks DISCOVER for this release!

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