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Thursday, February 19, 2009

ProSamples Collection

ProSamples Collection RE-UP

includes hundreds of loops from sample libraries that have already received 28 international awards.
This is a collection of a few of them including:
PS-03 Drum & Bass/PS-07 Future Beats/PS-09 Future Beats 2/PS-12 Dance Vocals/PS-14 World Grooves/PS-15 Dance Drums/PS-21 Drum & Bass 2/PS-23 Trip Hop/PS-24 Breakbeat/PS-25 Pop & Funk Brass/PS-26 Nu RnB & Hip Hop/PS-27 Dancefloor Bass/PS-28 Vocal House/PS-29 Dance Drumloops


This is for my fellow musicians. I hope it helps.
All samples are in .wav format...

PS-03 Drum & Bass
For this ProSamples disc, we have put together an essential collection of Drum n Bass grooves, laid out in construction kit format. You get the loop, and then the various parts of the loop broken down. Loops range from 160 BPM- 171 BPM. You also get an awesome selection of drum hits, including kick drums, snare drums and Hi Hats!!

PS-07 Future Beats
Zero-G bring you Loops with masses of attitude to kick start your imagination, Huge drum sounds & FX, thunderous basses, cutting edge synth & guitar FX, mad percussion loops. Years of playing, programming & engineering expertise at your fingertips.

PS-09 Future Beats 2
A stunningly innovative sound library from Zero-G which utilises raw and organic sources to create rhythms and soundscapes which will appeal to everyone looking for a creative edge. All this material is 100% original, gathered from sources like theme parks, factories and industrial sites - made specially for the kind of samplist who hungers for inspiration to take their music into the 21st century!

PS-12 Dance Vocals
This massive collection of quality vocal samples from Best Service brings you a vast array of Vocal hooks, vocal percussions, shouts, atmospheric intro and break vocal lines. There are also Harmonic choir multisamples for dance and pop production, male and female shouts, lines and hooks, and computer voices, psychedelic vocals, vocal scratches, laughter, bubbles, screams, and ambient hooks. All sounds were produced by professional artists and live performers. The library also includes mouth percussion for hip-hop and other styles. All samples are provided license free as usual. This collection is a superb vocal resource for dance, movies and jingles. It’s a truly monster production offering great variety of samples, and includes a comprehensive selection of vocals for film and commercial production.

PS-14 World Grooves
This remarkable collection from Best Service features a wealth of traditional Latin American styles for traditional as well as pop music producers. The collection includes authentic brass sections (licks, riffs and shots), guitar licks and drum and percussion grooves. This ProSamples version of the Best Service Festa Latina library includes salsa, samba, merengue and murga. Loops come in one or two bars, at different pitches, 120 bpm.

PS-15 Dance Drums
Drum samples, kicks and snares, claps and snaps, crash and ride cymbals as well as a wide range of percussion samples. Pro Samples Dance Drums from Best Service includes both real and digital drums, and drum machines. REVIEWS: "If you need drum samples (and chances are you do), then Dance Mega Drums could be exactly what you're looking for. It features nothing but single-hit percussion samples, making it one of the largest libraries of drum sounds around. We've never seen quite so many drums all in one place before. A worthwhile investment. 90% PLATINUM AWARD” (Future Music, UK) "If you are looking for a collection of very authentic, single-hit dance drum samples, Dance Mega Drums 2 will be the release for you. The sound quality throughout this release is very good and most of the sounds are presented well, with just the right amounts of compression and other processing” (Sound On Sound, UK).

PS-21 Drum & Bass 2
Everything you need for serious Drum & Bass Production. Breakbeats, transformations, sub basses, real bass, percussion, instruments, vocals, FX and so much more, tempo matched and edited to perfection!

PS-23 Trip Hop
Bristol has long been associated with innovation in music - Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Goldie & Roni Size. From Trip Hop to Drum & Bass, Twisted City from Zero-G is the definitive sample collection from the Bristol Massive! Huge Loops compressed and squeezed, dirt basses, trem guitars, small string sections and vinyl noise all add to the atmosphere!

PS-24 Breakbeat
A new generation of 'Raw-funkin-dirtyass-boogiebeats' from Zero-G - original loops that mix old school with new sonic science. Drums recorded through vintage analogue & valve gear, then digitised, sliced, tweaked & freaked.

PS-25 Pop & Funk Brass
Zero-Gs world-class horn library features the dynamic and much admired sounds of the UKs most respected horn section - The Phantom Horns (including John Thirkell and Gary Barnacle)

PS-26 Nu RnB & Hip Hop
Representing a unique variety of new RnB Hiphop styles. A Double Action CD from Best Service, packed with a whole bunch of flippn nu stuff from da East Coast. Twistin' construction kits, supablastin' beats, for all ya people out dere who dig da flava of Missy & Busta ...Dis one's a killa! Features complete extended song arrangements and backings lasting up to more than a minute for professional needs. Â Also excellently suited for commercial and film music.

PS-27 Dancefloor Bass
This very comprehensive bass sample compilation from Best Service contains bass notes, single bass hits, multisampled basses and quick licks. On this title you will find all the Most Wanted analog synthesizer bass sounds and FM synth bass samples, including sounds from the Moog, Arp, Sequential Circuits, Roland 101, Roland 202, Roland 303, Oberheim, and Yamaha synthesizers. You will also find a wide range of real, electric basses, acoustic basses, fretless basses, bass licks and slap bass samples. All the samples on Dancefloor Bass are "ready to play" and are conveniently arranged into programs or presets. This superb collection will provide a bass for every occasion!

PS-28 Vocal House
Powered by Mousse T, a collection from Best Service that will really blow your mind. Drum & percussion loops & hits, vocals, guitar, Rhodes, organ and piano licks, FX-vocal-loops, basses, vibes, hits, soundeffects, single-instruments. Tested on the dance floor. Caution! Horny Samples!

PS-29 Dance Drumloops
House, jungle, disco hip-hop, drum´n bass loops from Best Service. All the danceloops in this massive collection are tuned accurately in beats per minute and arranged in tempo groups ranging from 80bpm right up to 140 bpm.

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