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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


COMPADRE is the result of more than one year of research, development, and countless hours of listening tests. The final product is a quality compressor that not only delivers a highly optimized sonic behavior, but also drips with character.
COMPADRE is designed specifically for use on beats, drum loops, and
other percussive material, and it does this with attitude and flexibility. Use it for subtle enhancements or heavy duty compression. While COMPADRE has been designed with drums in mind, it’s range of flexibility allows it to deliver good performances on most types of tracks and mixes as well.

• Feed forward RMS compressor with high quality characteristics.
• Multiple compression modes for expanded flexibility.
• True stereo sidechain. (4 channel input; 1+2=audio, 3+4=Sidechain)
• High & low pass filters on the sidechain.
• Further 9 filter models featuring presets with key frequencies in drum mixing.
• Adjustable low-level controls to fine tune the compression characteristics. ("Snap", "Linearity" & "Envelope").
• Dry/wet control allowing easy "parallel compression".
• Optional extra "Crunch" by enabling a built-in second compressor on the output stage.
• Optional limiter on output.
• Zero latency.
• 80 categorized presets included

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