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Sunday, February 15, 2009

iZotope Ozone 4.01 RTAS/, VST, MAS, AU (Mac OSX)+[k]

It's not finished until Ozone is on it.
The process of mastering ranges from correcting mistakes made in the mix to preparing a recording for target listening environments. Like a final coat of polish, mastering makes the difference between a good sounding mix and a professional sounding master. When you're ready to master, Ozone is all you need.
More info Here:
Code: Install
2.) Open an app that used the plugin and the iZotope registration prompt will appear.
3.) Use challenge response option to register. Click next, and you'll get a challenge code.
4. Using a PPC with Tiger (OSX 10.4) and Virtual PC, or a PC or Intel Mac running Windows, start the keygen application.
5.) Type in your challenge code and it will give you the response.
6.) Back on your Mac, type in the response code, and you're all set.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

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