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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Angular Momentum VST Plugin

Angular Momentum VST Plugin
this plugin covers a lot of different genres out there.
To name a few i'd go with electro house, d&b and trance.
Deep bassline hoovers, Glitchy electro house bass and trance leads to be more specific.

Free has never sounded this good before, and i'm pretty sure that you'll agree.


Additive Wave Table Synthesizer with overtone scaler

2 x Additive Wavetable OSC
2 x Overtone Scaler
2 x Wavemixer
2 x ADSR
2 x Filter ADSR
2 x SV Filter
2 x Filter Step Sequencer
Delay, Chorus and Reverb
Voice Management
64 Patches
32 voices

Download Angular Momentum VST Plugin (1.42 Mb)

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