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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Rhythm Station

Big Fish Audio - The Rhythm Station WAV.REX.AiFF.Apple.Loops
Need a new drummer? One with some fresh, original grooves you haven'theard before? Check out the Rhythm Station with over 400 live drum andpercussion loops.These well played grooves range from 64 to 134 bpm and feature tight,dry and funky sets, scratchy beats and processed kits. With an emphasison raw and natural sounding drums, these kits are perfect for R&B,Jazz, Hip-Hop, African, Latin, Brazilian, Reggae, World Beat and more.With a clean, live, original acoustic sound, you won't find a set withthese kind of grooves anywhere else. The real acoustic feel you'relooking for is in The Rhythm Station.


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