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Friday, January 23, 2009

VirSyn Cube v2.2

VirSyn Cube v2.2 VSTi RTAS

Cube 2 is an additive synthesis musical software instrument, but uses a different approach to it. You may ask what is additive synthesis? Additive synthesis is a technique of audio synthesis which creates musical timbre. It constructs a complex sound using a series of pure tones and sine waves. Each tone and sine wave usually has its own envelope which allows independent control of each harmonic. A pipe organ is based on additive synthesis.
Cube 2 features a unique design with eight independent additive synths. It has four morphable sound sources, 512 partials per voice, morphable filter banks, three envelops with tempo synchronization and two LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillator) just to name a few. It also includes resynthesis, meaning you can import an aiff/wav sample to re-construct, which was very fun with voice samples. With your imported sample you can re-construct with the pan spectrum, sine spectrum, residual spectrum, special editing and time warp envelope with 64 breakpoints. Cube 2 comes with eight effects which include chorus, flanger, distortion, reverb and delay. Lastly, it also features an arpeggiator.
* 8 independent additive synths:
o Four morphable sound sourceso 512 partials per voiceo Harmonic/inharmonic spectrao Arbitrary noise spectrao Morphable filter bankso Ensembleo 3 Envelopes with tempo synco 64 time/level segments per envelopeo 2 LFOs
* Resynthesis:
o AIFF/WAV sample importo Sine spectrumo Residual spectrumo Pan spectrumo Spectral editingo Time warp envelope with 64 breakpoints
* 8 Effect racks:
o Chorus/Phaser/Flangero Distortiono Echo/Delayo Reverb
* Arpeggiator* System:
o Scala compatible Microtuningo Up to 8 independent outputs
* User Interface:
o Unique designo MIDI learn function




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