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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sonart Audio Trumpet MULTiFORMAT

Sonart Audio Trumpet MULTiFORMAT
Sonart Audio 'TRUMPET' - Featuring over 5,150 24bit samples & 144Patches! More than 3.3 Gb of New Trumpet Sounds!
- Trumpet Cup Mute - Fall- Trumpet Cup Mute - Flutter- Trumpet Cup Mute - Lasy- Trumpet Cup Mute - Legato- Trumpet Cup Mute - Staccato- Trumpet Cup Mute - Trill- Trumpet Cup Mute - Up- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Fall- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Flutter- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Legato- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Staccato- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Trill- Trumpet Harmon Mute - Up- Trumpet Straight Mute - Legato- Trumpet Straight Mute - Shakes- Trumpet Straight Mute - Swel- Trumpet Straight Mute - Vibrato- Trumpet Open - Fall- Trumpet Open - Flutter- Trumpet Open - Legato- Trumpet Open - Punch- Trumpet Open - Staccato- Trumpet Open - Trill- Trumpet Open - Up
734mb-- doubt its 3gig of sounds?



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