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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Trev Wilkins - Guide to Cakewalk Sonar
This color-illustrated guide is an ideal starting point for anyone using Cakewalk's popular Sonar software for the first time, particularly those who are switching over from alternative music production software. The author draws on his many years of expertise in Sonar to help new users get up and running fast.
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Musiclab Rhythm n Chords Pro v 2.6.3 for Sonar
The MusicLab Rhythm'n'Chords™ MIDI FX plug-in is a unique powerful and flexible tool for easy and convenient creation of accompanying guitar parts, as well as any rhythmic harmonic parts (i.e. parts, containing chords played in certain rhythm pattern) in MIDI. The base of our plug-in is a simple idea of separate assigning the chords and creating rhythm structure for playing them. Parts of the technology are protected by Russian Federation patent #2,145,121. Other RF, US, and international patents pending.
The chords are assigned in special Chord Chart view, imitating traditional way of chord assignment for real guitar players. Chords can be entered either using standard symbols (67 chord types and extensions are organized in hierarchical menu), or by assigning certain notes from virtual piano keyboard, as well as by simply dragging and dropping MIDI track from Cakewalk®.
Rhythm is built of prerecorded rhythm patterns being assigned to the Rhythm track in the Chord Chart view. You can select rhythm patterns from Rhythm Library supplied with the plug-in. Rhythm patterns are created as specially pre-recorded 1-, 2-, 4-, 8-measure rhythm phrases, which contain various guitar techniques (Strokes), like strumming, muting, picking, plucking, bass and chord, slow strum, etc.
Also Rhythm may be written (or played) as Note events by traditional way in Cakewalk® track. Every event corresponds to a certain Stroke type (the way a chord is played): down strum, upstrum, muted strum, individual voice/bass performance, strum on higher 3-4 strings, grace strums, etc. (in all 22 Stroke types).

Chords and rhythm patterns can be assigned in real time from MIDI keyboard. This lets you quickly play rhythm and/or chords into the song, simultaneously auditioning resulting guitar part.

Resulting rhythm/chord part is controlled with several groups of parameters.
Velocity (balance between chord voices, depending on type/strength of a Stroke).
Arpeggiation (time between the first and the last chord notes, depending on type/strength of a Stroke).
Voice control (number of voices for various Stroke types, settings for automatic chord voice constructing and smooth transition between chords, automatic voice hold options for more precise emulation of guitar strumming).

Using those parameters any musician, even the most demanding professional can achieve the desired maximally close to the real sound guitar track.

1-Launch Cakewalk.
2. Create a MIDI track.
3. Assign Rhythm'n'Chords™ plug-in to the track and open it (in SONAR right-click in Effect bin and select MusicLab/Rhythm'n'Chords plug-in; in Cakewalk double-click in the Effects bar, right-click and select MusicLab/Rhythm'n'Chords plug-in, double-click Rhythm'n'Chords name; in Cakewalk 8 open Console view, right-click in track Effects zone and select MusicLab/Rhythm'n'Chords plug-in, double-click Rhythm'n'Chords name).
4. You can now work with the Rhythm'n'Chords™ plug-in.
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