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Friday, January 23, 2009

Full sage library

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX -
full sage library all in one
include last version,all Core Library, user library Consists from:Afrolatin Slam,BackBeat,Big Bad Beats,Burning Grooves,Chemical Beats,Chemical Synths,Cuckooland Unhinged,Discovery Firm reggae one way,DrumStyles,Electro Magnetic Pulse,Ethnic Flavours,Ethno Techno,EW Joey Kramer Converted REX files for RMX,Funk Construction,Funk Guitar,Grinding Beats,Hardcore Breakbeat Action,Hip Hop & Swing Breakdown,House & Garage Construction,loopmasters-afro.latin.producer,Loopmasters-Downbeat Leftfield,Loopmasters-Drum & Bass Masterclas,Loopmasters-Electro Breaks,Loopmasters-Jazz World,Loopmasters-Lounge Chillout,Loopmasters-Producer Essentials,Loopmasters-Raw Power,Loopmasters-Urban Soul,M-Audio Funky Beats,M-Audio Junkyard,M-Audio Late Nite,M-Audio One Big World,M-Audio Rice and Beans,M-Audio Underground Sound System,NoizBox,Reason - Percussion Loops,Reggae Connection,Reggae One Way Discovery Firm,Retro Funk,Return To Planet Of The Breaks,Rhythm Guitar & FX,RMX 160dB Drum&Bass Interface,Smokers Delight - CD2,Stark Raving Beats,Vocal Planet
FULL SAGE, JUST UNRAR ON HARD DRIVE ( about 26 Gigabyte library) and create a Shortcut To SAGE, and copy the shortcut to C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics. Make certain to remove the “Shortcut To” from the name, leaving the shortcut named as SAGE!!!!


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