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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Fish Audio: The Art of Joe | 1.3Gb

Big Fish Audio: The Art of Joe
Big Fish Audio: The Art of Joe | 1.3Gb
From the production team at TRACKTOWN comes "The Art of Jo." A trippy, groove-filled collection of loops by the ghostiest feel-good drummer in the West. Jo Pusateri doesn't just play drums, he hypnotizes them and tricks them into doing magical things for the enjoyment of everyone within earshot... and if your TV has sound, you're already familiar with the drum and percussion session work of Jo Pusateri. He has a rolly, ghosted snare drum style that fattens and enlivens his beats, with a wide range of tone and feel. "The Art of Jo" consists of hundreds of drum grooves and fills played in numerous versions nuanced to keep your tracks lively and player-ly. These are produced-sounding loops squashed, punched up and stretched for maximum feel and impact. Also included is Jo's wide array of shakers, conga, bongo, timbale, surdo, tamborine, hand percussion and exotic kits. You'll find dozens of DSP'd live drum beats to complement the hundreds of drum and percussion loops. All loops were recorded with a variety of microphones through Manley and Summit preamps and compressors. Bust open a folder of these loops with their multiple nuanced variations and brilliantly musical fills and be amazed at the life they'll breathe into your tracks.


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