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Thursday, October 8, 2009


dirty harry is an unashamedly DIY lofi synth based on the samples of my two homemade, lofi noisemakers, the Atari Punk Console and the BugBrand WOM

dirty harry offers 20 unique waveforms in all their mono/monophonic glory. For extra grit the oscillators can be sync’d or ring modulated. Fidelity can be lowered further still with reduction in sample quality, distortion and a unique ‘bad contact’ emulation. 2 tempo sync LFOs allow modulation of filter, pitch and contact, with one LFO modulating the depth and frequency of the other. There are envelopes for volume, pitch and filter, with different contours and pitch options. Throw in an arpeggiator, pitch drift and portamento and you can see that whilst it may be lofi in sound, it doesn’t lack for sound design feaures


• 20 unique waveforms sampled from my homemade lofi synths, the Atari Punk Console and the BugBrand WOM
• 3 oscillators, syncable to osc1 and ring modulatable with each other
• Each osc can be routed to the filter independently
• 2 tempo sync LFOs with many waveforms, can modulate filter cutoff, each osc pitch and the contact depth and wet level
• LFO 2 can modulate the depth and speed of LFO 1
• 2 envelopes for volume, filter or pitch, with various contours and options to modulate up/down
• Tempo sync arpeggiator
• Dodgy contact emulation
• Pitch instability
• Low quality, dirty, lo-fi options
• 89 presets covering Lead, Bass, Arp, Drone, Fx and Basic styles

This thing is only $15! So please buy it if you like it people...


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