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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wizoo Darbuka | 1.15 GB

Wizoo Darbuka | 1.15 GB

At the press of a key, Darbuka unleashes a firework of burning percussion rhythms from North Africa and the Middle East. Darbuka uses no loops or samples - these are real performances played by Suat Borazan and Mohamed Zaki who rank amongst the world's best-known Arabic percussionists.
The underlying Wizoo FlexGroove engine adds full real-time control over arrangement, performance, sound and integrated surround ambience. Take a seat in the producer's chair and virtually hire the best Arabic percussionists in the world.
Patterns, Fills, Solos, Variations and Mutes can be freely tweaked and played by MIDI keys. No boring loops - only musical performances of the highest standard.
The professional sound quality of Darbuka can be tweaked to any kind of musical style: The integrated mixer allows EQ,
punch and ambience adjustment for each instrument independently.
Instruments can be freely placed in a surround stage; the built-in surround ambience unit offers 15 adjustable rooms.




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