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Thursday, October 8, 2009



Remember the good old days, when all the games were classics and sweet music poured from a million soundchips across the land? We do.

The demo version has only 16 presets and makes a short burst of noise around every 30 seconds. The full version includes, as a bonus, retro-gs02, a fully featured drum synth with a sound designed to compliment retro-gs01 perfectly. Both retro-gs01 and retro-gs02 are now available to buy seperately.

Retro-gs01 is a retro games sound synth with all the power, control and versatility you could ever need.Features include:

* mono or 8 note polyphonic synth

* single voice or dual voice unison play with cross modulation (sync, ring mod and both)

* matches the routing and features of the popular MOS6581 SID chip - but with more polyphony

* 2 LFOs with 4 different waveforms and sample and hold are routed through to 6 different parameters for each voice

* each voice has 2 envelopes and its own 12db filters offering low pass, high pass, band pass and notch filter types

* precise control over all parameters - smart controls show a percentage of the controls range on the top and are highlighted at the centre point for ease of use

* CPU friendly, even in poly mode with complex presets this won't kill your system

* just sounds so damn good, you won't believe your ears.

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