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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SONiVOX Fender Telecaster

Sonivox Fender Telecaster v2.0

Sonivox Fender Telecaster v2.0

Sonivox Fender Telecaster v2.0 | Win | 210Mb

Fifty years and counting and the Telecaster is still going strong. Just like our Fender Strat, you’ll love this guitar for its sheer versatility and playability but there’s only one guitar in the world that has that authentic Tele twang.

Check it out for yourself; whether your bag is rock, blues, country, r&b, or soul you’ll want to tuck into this tasty tone platter and get good ‘n’ greasy. Mighty Tele twang, featuring:

Mutes & Tones: 7 velocities; 2 mute, 3 pick, and 2 finger snap velocities

Chords: Mutes and Up & Down Strums for Major, Minor, Suspended 4th, Dom7, Minor7, and Seven Sus4 chord shapes.


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