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Friday, November 6, 2009

Digital Juice Sound FX IV - Complete | 11 DVD Set download link

Digital Juice Sound FX IV - Complete | 11 DVD Set

Digital Juice, well-known for their video animation and other stock products, have made a logical and impressive foray into the audio world with the release of their new Sound FX Library. This jam-packed 10-DVD set brings 10,000+ sound effects to your desktop. What's more, the library's native format takes advantage of high-definition 24-bit/96kHz audio specs for impressive quality and clarity unsurpassed by other offerings.

The package ships with about 10,000 sounds divided into four categories: General, Human, Musical, and Noise. As expected, some sounds are short snippets, such as animals, door closes, weapons, and sci-fi tracks. Many, however, are longer, more involved, and robust examples such as the dozens of background ambiances ranging from auto shop to World War II. Many of these also included variations of placement, distance, and density for really layering and building convincing environments, including matching camera perspectives.

DVD 1 is the index DVD. Install with Juicer and you can search and preview the clips.

DVD 1 is the Index DVD
DVD 2 is General part 1
DVD 3 is General part 2
DVD 4 is General part 3
DVD 5 is Human voices and phrases
DVD 6 is Musical part 1
DVD 7 is Musical part 2
DVD 8 is Noise Part 1
DVD 9 is Noise Part 2
DVD 10 is Noise Part 3
DVD 11 is Noise Part 4

The general and musical parts 1 and 2 are not dependent on each other to be complete parts.


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