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Friday, November 6, 2009

Push Button Bang Dark House

Push Button Bang Dark House MultiFormat | 737 MB

Multi-patches & Loops for NN-XT/EXS/KONTAKT/HALion (WAV, REX2, EXS, FXP, NKI, SXT, SFZ): Whether you want to drag and drop and just have it work, or you want to warp and mutate the sound into submission, all the building blocks are lurking here ready to burst out of your sequencer and onto the dancefloor. From sparse Minimal Tech to dirty Justice style Electro, Dark House has all the sounds you need to create your perfect production.

Dark House from Push Button Bang features loops, special fx and rythm single hits for house styles with a darker edge. From sparse Minimal Tech to dirty Justice-style Electro, this collection has all the sounds you need to create your perfect production.

Dark House is a focused collection of loops, special fx and rhythm single hits for house styles with a darker edge.

The loops section is divided into three main catagories, with various subfolders in each. The drum and rhythm sections features several loop component sub-catagories, kick, snap, percussion, top sections and general pre-processed loops.

The fx section contains build parts, noise pumps, and general FX rhythms ranging from build automations to collapsing cut sequences.

The instument section contains a wide array of processed synth lines that can twist, slide and stutter any way you want.

The single hit section contains around 500 hand crafted rhythm elements, solid bassdrums, wide snaps and claps, toms, bleeps and minimal rhythmic elements covering a wide range of possibilities.

As well as the loops and single hits, the collection also features a comprehensive build and transition FX section. This enables you to create your unique noise build and exit, whether subtle, massive, quick or slow, in just a few clicks of the mouse.

If you want your house music to pump, bite and shake up the dancefloor, Dark House will supply you with all the tools you need.

Technical Specifications:

980 MB full content
1138 Wav loops and samples
458 Wav loops
389 Rex loop versions
490 Drum and rythm single hits
178 Hits builds sweeps and transition fx
17 Multi-patches for Nn-xt/Exs/Kontakt/Hal

Loop components:
12 Kick loops
25 Misc beat loops
38 Perc grooves
34 Snap loops
78 Top loops
26 Build Loops
60 General Fx loops
25 Noise pumps and rythms
47 Build repeaters
33 Low loops
47 Syn mods
10 Bounce gltiches
34 General instrument grooves

Sounds and single hits:
40 Long in build transitions
33 Long out build transitions
39 Short in build transitions
21 Short out build transitions
16 Crashes
34 Hard fx
97 Hats
67 Kicks
90 Minimal fx
42 Perc fx
88 Snaps
60 Tom fx
32 Hits
15 Misc touches



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