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Monday, November 2, 2009

Myosis Phrase Delay VST v1.0 | PC | 8.56 Mb

Myosis Phrase Delay VST v1.0 | PC | 8.56 Mb

Phrase-delay is an all in one delay plugin, a Swiss Army Knife, easy to use . It doesn�t sound like any other delay plug-in. It can turn a one shot note into a fascinating loop. From traditional delay to generative music, Phrase-delay do the job with ease!

Phrase-Delay features

* 16 delay channels with independant level, panning, modulation and resonant filter.
* One pre-looper delay for phrasing, up to 10.920 seconds. .
* Two independant feedbacks knob.
* Damping.
* One 4 pole Low pass pre-filter with LFO modulation.
* Manual or Host tempo sync.
* Bouncing-ball mode.
* 16 resonant filters ( 2 pole or 4 pole) for each delay bank with adjustable cutoff freq according to note names for quick edit.
* LFO modulation amount for each delay.
* Tone filter.
* Presets covering all functions and many configurations.
* Manual is also included.


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