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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Native Instruments Maschine with Added Update to Version 1.1.025 (2009)

Native Instruments Maschine with Added Update to Version 1.1.025 (2009)
Native Instruments Maschine with Added Update to Version 1.1.025 (2009) | 5.65GB
Native Instruments Maschine combines the flexibility of a computer system to create music and easy groove box. Maschine - a symbiosis of hardware controllers and software, which not only provides a quick and interesting work, but also helps to turn your ideas into a product of professional quality.
Native Instruments Maschine with Added Update to Version 1.1.025 (2009)

Year: 2009
Version: 1.1.025
Platform: PC
Language: English only
Medicine: Not required

System requirements:
Windows XP (SP2, 32-bit) / Vista (SP1, 32-bit, 64-bit), Pentium or Athlon XP 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM

Effects section MASCHINE contains a powerful arsenal of studio-quality effects, including dynamic effects, modulation, distortion, delay, reverb, filters and equalization.
* Flexible routing: two slots for each sound effects, group or master bus
* Create a chain of effects, combining the effects of
* Write automation of all settings, the effects of using software or hardware controller in real time
* Effects can be applied automatically to external input signals
* Appointment of effects using drag-and-drop from a browser or using a hardware controller

Library sounds MASCHINE
MASCHINE comes with a library of sounds, a volume of 5 GB, created by the best sound engineers and performers. More than 15000 samples provide ample material for creating music in almost any style. Each of the samples library MASCHINE was professionally edited, processed and marked with tags for your convenience.
* 300 drum kits
* 280 multi-sampled instruments.
* 400 sliced loop
* 6500 samples
* 50 ready-made projects
* 100 presets effektov/55 effect tsepoche

Convenient browser provides instant access to any sounds, lupam and tools.
* Viewing of projects, patterns, samples and effects of single
* Search by keyword or attributes in the search box
* Use of regulators of the controller to filter search results
* Quickbrowse - previewed during playback, the basic pattern

MASCHINE makes it easy to create rhythms, melodies and chords, and create from them tracks.
* Sequencer based on patterns with 64 patterns for a group
* Two modes: step sequencer and record in real time
* Grill drum grid of high resolution and piano roll editors
* Scene arranger for linear and nonlinear play
* Live recording of automation for the effect parameters, sampler and mixer
* Four settings Note Repeat: automatically play the selected material in accordance with the settings of quantization

MASCHINE based on high-performance engine, which allows recording audio from internal and external sources and playback samples with the highest quality.
* It has advanced settings voice, velocity, pitch, diverse envelope and modulation pages
* Record audio from the threshold of sensitivity or synchronization sequencer
* Resemplirovanie on the selected length (eg, 4 cycles)
* Eight individual stereo outputs (16 mono)

Integration into the recording studio
Unlike modern gruvboksov, MASCHINE provides seamless integration with your sequencer as a plug-in. Create a song entirely in MASCHINE or pass to another sequencer for further processing and arrangement.
* MASCHINE works fine as a standalone application and as plug-in for any DAW or sequencer that supports VST, AU or RTAS. As a plug-in, MASCHINE retains all its capabilities, including total recall and routing of up to eight stereo outputs to the host application.
* Exports audio files
* Import audio files
* Quick navigation: open multiple copies MASCHINE in your host sequencer and switch between them using only one controller.

Changes from previous version:
* Added support for midi keys;
* Added support for dragging and dropping patterns into your machine sequencer;
* Added support for REX files, and much more.

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