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Friday, November 6, 2009

Puremagnetik PunchPak Kontakt

Puremagnetik PunchPak Kontakt | 46 MB.


Puremagnetik has released Punchpak, a collection of sounds created from the 8 bit synthesizer chip on the classic Nintendo (NES) gaming console. All sounds have been mapped out and programmed into the Kontakt environment. Puremagnetik have taken the sounds a step further with added effects that include ambience and arpeggiation. Punchpak also includes a selection of multisampled menus with lo-fi glitch, noise and static sounds. With patch names like "Zelda", "Castlevania", and "Mega Man", Puremagnetik tell us that they have recaptured these vintage 1980's video game sounds for the modern DAW.

Punchpak Includes:

* A comprehensive collection of "8-bit" Nintendo sounds

* Fully integrated with Kontakt audio effects

* Glitch and lo-fi effect menus

* Easy editing KSP interfaces for Kontakt


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