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Monday, November 2, 2009

Magix Samplitude FX Suite VST v1.0

Samplitude V8 professional offers the complete feature set incl. MAGIX Elastic Audio, Robota Pro, Analogue Modelling Suite, Surround Roomsimulator etc.

The all-in-one software for the digital audio workstation: Recording, editing, mixing, Rich Media authoring und mastering – in fact, everything up to and including ‘Red Book’ compatible burning of audio CDs.

Not only are extensive tools available for all the work procedures mentioned above (universally in the 24 bit DVD standard and up to 192 kHz). The renowned sound quality based on highly developed digital algorithms, absolute phase stability and consistent use of floating point calculations ensure that the sound keeps its nuances even after the most intensive digital processing.

Samplitude V8 Mixer - Features:
- 999 tracks, 64 submix busses, 64 aux send busses
- ASIO, MME and WDM driver support
- complete realtime editing
- Batch Processing
- high class effects set (phase stable mixing- and mastering effects)
- mixer with variable signal flow
- DirectX and VST plugin support with automatic latency compensation
- Pentium 3/4 and Athlon optimizations
- MIDI-Recording/Editing and VST instruments support
- 5.1 Surround
- external remote controller support (e.g. Mackie control)
- POW-r dithering
- realtime room simulator with convolution (inkl. 490 MB impulse samples)
- digital video recording/editing and CD/DVD mastering program
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